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The primary outcome was the rate of awake intubations in both groups and the induction efficiency assessed by the induction time.
3] With the advancement of emergency care, endotracheal intubations are occurring more frequently in emergency by doctors working in the department with more confidence and skill.
Studies over the past 2 decades estimate the proportion of emergency department (ED) intubations performed by emergency physicians ranges from 89% to 95%.
The patented Vie Scope[TM] offers Paramedics and Doctors the unique ability to handle all adult intubations using only one laryngoscope.
It was found that the average number of intubations was 1.
The IDS 0 signified easy intubation, 1-5 slightly difficult intubations, >5 difficult intubation, and [varies] signified impossible intubation.
Secondary outcomes included Cormack and Lehane grading system, time to intubation, number of failed intubations, number of attempts before successful intubation and hemodynamic parameters during intubation.
The Intubation Difficulty Scale (IDS) is a quantitative scale incorporating multiple indices of intubation difficulty that objectively quantifies the complexity of tracheal intubations.
The video laryngoscopy can improve first time intubation compared to standard intubations and can be five times less likely to need to perform an oesophageal intubation, said the company.
After endotracheal intubations, frequency of difficult intubations was evaluated (i.
Studies have shown that the learning curve for personnel trained in laryngoscopy is shorter, with a shorter intubation time, greater number of successful intubations, and less external larynx manipulation.