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tr.v. in·tus·sus·cept·ed, in·tus·sus·cept·ing, in·tus·sus·cepts
To take within, as in telescoping one part of the intestine into another; invaginate.

[Probably back-formation from intussusception.]

in′tus·sus·cep′tive adj.
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Once these two areas are fully inspected, the intussusception can be reduced by gentle proximal, sequential, and circumferential pressure, coercing the intussuscepted segment out of the stomach.
4] Pouch stones have been described in about 10 % of patients and risk factors include the use of metallic staples and an intussuscepted ileal nipple.
Extended dissection of the porta hepatis and creation of an intussuscepted ileocaecal conduit for biliary atresia.