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tr.v. in·tus·sus·cept·ed, in·tus·sus·cept·ing, in·tus·sus·cepts
To take within, as in telescoping one part of the intestine into another; invaginate.

[Probably back-formation from intussusception.]

in′tus·sus·cep′tive adj.
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Therefore, if CT shows that the cecum or cecal lipoma has intussuscepted into the far distal colon, mobile cecum syndrome should be considered before emergency laparotomy.
A 5 cm portion of intussuscepted penile urethra was attached to the glans and bleeding (Fig.
Ultrasonography is used to confirm intussusception but was not required in our study as intussuscepted mass was visible from outside and differential diagnosis from rectal prolapse was easy to make by inserting a blunt probe between mass and anal sphincter in all cases.
Although the mass was not located in the intussuscepted segment in the case presented herein, it was identified by the intussusception that it caused.
3 (A & B): Non contrast enhanced CT scan axial images shows Target shaped (White open arrow in A) /Sausage shaped (White open arrow in B) soft tissue mass with alternating areas of low and high attenuation in left iliac fossa, umbilical, pelvic region of abdomen representing the intussuscepted segment.
Extended dissection of the porta hepatis and creation of an intussuscepted ileocaecal conduit for biliary atresia.
Extended dissection of the portahepatis and creation of an intussuscepted ileocolic conduit for biliary atresia.
At surgery, reduction of the intussuscepted bowel segment should not be attempted due to the risk of tumour spillage.