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tr.v. in·val·i·dat·ed, in·val·i·dat·ing, in·val·i·dates
To make invalid; nullify.

in·val′i·da′tion n.
in·val′i·da′tor n.
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Adj.1.invalidating - establishing as invalid or untrue
unsupportive - not furnishing support or assistance
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His indignant countrymen actually caused him to be prosecuted in the native courts, on a charge nearly equivalent to what we term defamation of character; but the old fellow persisting in his assertion, and no invalidating proof being adduced, the plaintiffs were cast in the suit, and the cannibal reputation of the defendant firmly established.
The parliamentary life in Kuwait had witnessed an unprecedented move in 2012 when the parliament of February was invalidated by the Constitutional Court, thus, invalidating membership of Usama Al-Shaheen, Adel Al-Damkhi, Abdullah Al-Turaiji and Abdulhameed Dashti.
by Abasin Zaheer on 12 September, 2014 - 18:07 KABUL (Pajhwok): With the deadlock still persisting, the Independent Election Commission ( IEC ) on Friday announced invalidating 95 of the 2,000 suspect ballot boxes marked for a special audit.
If the PTO determines that the petitioner has demonstrated established a reasonable likelihood that they will succeed in invalidating at least one claim, an IPR is instituted.
The US District Court for the Northern District of California issued an order invalidating the patent in question, giving Ariosa a complete victory in the suit.
Although the assembly has already finished its work, a ruling invalidating it could infuriate the country's ruling Islamists who have been at odds with the judiciary in recent months.
On October 31, 2011, Iowa District Court Judge Artis Reis issued a Ruling striking down and invalidating the rules promulgated by the Iowa Board of Nursing and the Iowa Department of Public Health which had formalized the longstanding practice of ARNPs to supervise fluoroscopy in their practice of nursing.
Theodore Boutrous, an attorney for the same sex couples who first sued to overturn the ban, called the argument for invalidating Vaughn's ruling discriminatory.
ALMOST half of motorists would leave their car unattended while it warms up, risking invalidating their insurance in the event of theft, it has been claimed.
Summary: Almost half of motorists would leave their car unattended while it warms up, risking invalidating their insurance in the event of theft.
Summary: <p>A UN-backed fraud watchdog investigating last month's presidential election in Afghanistan began invalidating votes on Thursday in a process that could keep the country locked in political uncertainty for months.
If you are paying royalties on a patent(s) you now believe to be invalid, you can sue to get a declaratory judgement invalidating the patent.