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Of inestimable value; priceless: invaluable paintings; invaluable help.

in·val′u·a·ble·ness n.
in·val′u·a·bly adv.
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But the book, which invaluably has a year date at the top of every right-hand page, has its amusing moments.
Washington bring with them will invaluably aid in further building the Council on the Arts' historically outstanding record of achievement, while continuing to foster and encourage increased interest and participation in and accessibility to the arts for all Pennsylvanians," Horn said.
These key transactions namely add industry-specific and perfectly scalable ERP and other key manufacturing tools to 20-20's product offering, while invaluably complementing the Company's integration service teams with highly specialized and competent experts.
The availability of lower cost options should invaluably enable Web developers, Web hosters, ASPs, portal providers, etc.
His hands-on expertise with server based technology and his proven management skills will contribute invaluably to the team.
As a founder, Dhruv contributed invaluably to the company's inception and growth," said Hoffman.
Hayden McMillian's energy, intellect and detailed understanding of the nation's lending and financial markets has contributed invaluably to Dominion Capital's sustained earnings momentum over the last several years.
was selected to appear on the show because they provide an invaluably safe and cost-effective alternative to the traditional use and disposal of conventional medical syringes in mass-immunization programs around the world," says Ron Goldfinger, the show's Coordinating Producer.
We expect his vast wealth of experience and knowledge to contribute invaluably to the strategic development of RoweCom as a critical ally of academic and medical institutions.