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Not changing or subject to change; constant.

in·var′i·a·bil′i·ty, in·var′i·a·ble·ness n.
in·var′i·a·bly adv.
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Noun1.invariability - a quality of uniformity and lack of variation
regularity - the quality of being characterized by a fixed principle or rate; "he was famous for the regularity of his habits"
smoothness - the quality of having a level and even surface; "the water was a glassy smoothness"; "the weather system of the Pacific is determined by the uninterrupted smoothness of the ocean"
unevenness, variability - the quality of being uneven and lacking uniformity
2.invariability - the quality of being resistant to variation
unchangeability, unchangeableness, unchangingness, changelessness - the quality of being unchangeable; having a marked tendency to remain unchanged
unvariedness - characterized by an absence of variation
variability, variableness, variance - the quality of being subject to variation
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So assured, indeed, is the fact concerning the periodicalness of the sperm whale's resorting to given waters, that many hunters believe that, could he be closely observed and studied throughout the world; were the logs for one voyage of the entire whale fleet carefully collated, then the migrations of the sperm whale would be found to correspond in invariability to those of the herring-shoals or the flights of swallows.
The invariability of activation energy values for binary and ternary mixture melts shows evidence in favor of displaying of the specific interactions between CPA macromolecules and salt molecules (Table 2, [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3 OMITTED]).
The majority of researchers, recognizing the relative invariability of this monthly hormonal secretory pattern, have related measures of sexual desire to temporal phases of the menstrual cycle (as opposed to actual circulating levels of specific hormones).
On the one hand, the unaltered layout of the room in which his love affairs took place should guarantee the invariability of love--"Se il teatro dell'amore era immutato, perche sarebbe mutato l'amore?
Finally, to evaluate the invariance of the best fit model, the sample was dichotomized by age ([is less than or equal to] 19 versus [is greater than] 19; 19 is the age dichotomy where about 50 percent of the respondents were in both groups) and race (youths of color, white youths) and was subjected to separate confirmatory factors analyses using CFI, NNFI, and root-squared residual (RMR) to examine if there was invariability (Bentler, 1989) in these subgroups most likely to vary (Harrison & Gfroerer, 1992).
Consequently, a few prosodists, unburdened by a vested interest in proving the invariability of alternating structures, have offered insights into the conditions governing "level stress," or the spondee.
If the Spanish doctors agreed with Smith and Ricardo as to the invariability of the standard of measurement, they also agreed with Keynes as to the need, according to circumstances, "to vary its declaration [of the standard] from time to time.
A stratified random sample was used so as to reduce the variability of the sample and also to control the internal invariability.
He is not wedded to the invariability of planting, likes the idea of diversity, is happy with landscape jokes, he deals impartially with formalism and informalism.
In terms of the severity, timing, distinctiveness, and invariability of those depressions most associated with birth and lactation (that is, the baby blues and clinical depression), they are: (1) not severe enough in the vast majority of cases to warrant the excusing condition of insanity; (2) occur too late after birth to account for the neonaticides, and are indistinct from the depressions that occur in so many conditions unrelated to birth; and (3) do not invariably produce a diminished capacity that automatically warrants mitigation.
Initially sympathetic commentators lose patience with Cuyp when they view his work in its cumulative invariability.
The ohm of the British Association appears now also not to supply that sufficient guarantee of invariability that is offered by the mercury-column of Simens {sic}.