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1. Of, engaging in, or given to armed aggression: an invasive military force.
a. Of or relating to a disease or condition that has a tendency to spread, especially into healthy tissue: an invasive carcinoma.
b. Of or relating to a medical procedure in which a part of the body is entered, as by puncture or incision.
3. Tending to spread widely in a habitat or ecosystem. Used especially of nonnative species: an invasive grass.
4. Tending to intrude or encroach, as upon privacy.
An invasive species or organism.

[Middle English, from Old French invasif, from Medieval Latin invāsīvus, from Latin invāsus, past participle of invādere, to invade; see invade.]

in·va′sive·ly adv.
in·va′sive·ness n.


the state or quality of being invasive
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Based on the experimental conditions setting input device can be used to monitor and quantify the proliferation, viability, adhesion, migration and invasiveness of cells in real time.
A histone methyltransferase, EZH2 is known to play essential roles in cancer cell proliferation, survival, invasiveness and stem cell maintenance in urinary bladder cancer.
First, based on 13 questions that assess impacts, invasiveness and distribution, the California Invasive Plant Council's list includes 214 species that cause ecological harm in the state's wildlands (Cal-IPC 2013).
It benefits patients by preventing unnecessary invasiveness and compression which can cause irreversible damage which might not be detected until the recovery period.
The researchers note that their adhesive will be useful in reducing the invasiveness of surgical procedures, as well as operating times, in addition to improving heart surgery outcomes.
By monitoring the genetic changes in CTCs and their invasiveness in a tissue culture dish, doctors may be able to adjust their treatment plans quickly in response.
A hybrid strategy could capitalize on colonoscopy's higher effectiveness and FIT's lower cost and better adherence, while attenuating the drawbacks of colonoscopy's invasiveness and FIT's lower sensitivity for adenoma detection.
Rather than an example of invasiveness, I would suggest that it's a problem of human encroachment and the associated problems of co-habitation between humans and wildlife.
Individuals with high miR-125b expression develop larger tumours that exhibit greater invasiveness.
Oncomatrix has associated genes and proteins in the peritumoral stroma to tumor invasiveness.
In letters to EPA, USDA and the departments of Defense, Energy and Transportation, the scientists note that California, Colorado, Nevada and Texas have put giant reed, a native plant of India, on noxious weed lists, and Alabama, New Mexico and South Carolina either list it as invasive or at high risk for invasiveness.
5 to over 2, genetic instability, and the high level of membrane-bound and secreted proteins responsible for invasiveness and loss of contact inhibition.