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n. pl. in·ven·to·ries
a. A detailed, itemized list, report, or record of things in one's possession, especially a periodic survey of all goods and materials in stock.
b. The process of making such a list, report, or record.
c. The items listed in such a report or record.
d. The quantity of goods and materials on hand; stock.
2. An evaluation or a survey, as of abilities, assets, or resources.
tr.v. in·ven·to·ried, in·ven·to·ry·ing, in·ven·to·ries
1. To make an itemized report or record of.
2. To include in an itemized report or record.

[Middle English inventorie, from Medieval Latin inventōrium, alteration of Late Latin inventārium, from Latin inventus, past participle of invenīre, to find; see invent.]

in′ven·to′ri·al adj.
in′ven·to′ri·al·ly adv.
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Concern for these aspects of eschatology could well release the subject from a narrowly anthropological concept of its own task, while avoiding the excessively inventorial approach of the classical heuristic schemes" (262).
Generally, inventorial distinctions in themselves do not give us very much of Ahtna word structure, unless we know the identity of prefixes.
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