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1. The act or process of investigating: a politician under investigation.
2. A careful examination or search in order to discover facts or gain information. See Synonyms at inquiry.

in·ves′ti·ga′tion·al adj.


adj (medication, etc.) en investigación
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Positive one-year results show SB4 etanercept and SB2 infliximab investigational biosimilar candidates sustained comparable safety profiles observed in previously announced primary results
Two new final regulations issued by the Food and Drug Administration clarify and expand access to investigational drugs for patients with serious or life-threatening conditions.
Los Angeles, CA, announced the FDA's Office of Orphan Products Development (OPD) has granted the company Orphan Drug Designation for its investigational antibodies to interferon-gamma to treat immunologic corneal allograft rejection.
Food & Drug Administration (FDA) that HE2100 would be reviewed for approval under a recently adopted rule for investigational drugs that address situations such as radiation injury, where it would be unethical to conduct efficacy studies in humans.
In an appeal letter, a provider points out that the surgery he performed on a prior patient was paid for, while the same surgery on a similar patient was denied as being investigational.
It should help to know that even investigational treatments are well-tested for safety before their use in a clinical study.
CEL-SCI Corporation (NYSE AMEX: CVM ) today announced that the Chinese patent office has issued a key patent covering CEL-SCI's investigational cancer drug, Multikine([R]) (Leukocyte Interleukin, Injection)*.
Velos recently activated its Investigational Drug System at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
They point out that it is arbitrary to separate investigational elements of a treatment from issues of basic patient care.
Of the 100 investigational drugs recognized in this special report, more than one-third target various forms of cancer.
The Humacyte investigational bioengineered blood vessel technology represents a research and development milestone in vascular tissue engineering.
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