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Unable to survive or develop normally: an inviable newborn calf.

in·vi·a·bil′i·ty n.


not viable, esp financially; not able to survive: an inviable company.
inˌviaˈbility, inˈviableness n
inˈviably adv


(ɪnˈvaɪ ə bəl)

(of an organism) incapable of sustaining its own life.
[1915–20; in-3 + viable]
in•vi`a•bil′i•ty, n.
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Although previous research (Burford, 2011a) and evidence from this study support the possibility of segregation by means of prezygotic barriers, the possibility of segregation by postzygotic barriers, such as hybrid sterility or zygotic inviability, cannot be ruled out completely.
In vitro crosses promise a breakthrough in evolutionary biology: by bypassing hybrid sterility and inviability, we will ask which genetic changes underlie species differences.
In addition, the ovicidal action of PZQ caused inviability of eggs by retraction of miracidia, mostly of mature eggs.
Among the topics are punishing immigrants in the name of national security, the Minuteman project on the US-Mexico border, the rise and fall of employer sanctions, deportation and the inviability of life, and political activism and the undocumented student movement.
species that diverged < 1-2 million years ago and, therefore, have not yet evolved reproductive isolating barriers or hybrid inviability (Mallet 2005).
She can be understood either to represent the inviability of the moribund planter class or to represent Colombia's dark-skinned "others" who were not officially permitted to mix with the planter class (188).
When the future's sixth-formers go to university they may write dissertations on why the Left, at the very moment when their arguments about the ultimate inviability of liberal capitalism were apparently proven spot-on, could not create a popular mass movement.
In the specific case of South Africa, press outlets played simultaneous roles--at once decrying the perception of indigenous women as redundant, economic drains on society, while at the same time reinforcing ideas of their social redundancy and economic inviability.
A spokesperson for private petroleum companies, Rene Ortiz, said the new scheme would damage dealings between them and the government, saying the arrangement, "put the companies in the position of economic inviability.
A discussion of the constitutional significance of disparate punishments between opposite-sex and same-sex sodomy is also informed by the inviability of selective prosecutions of only same-sex sodomy.
Postzygotic barriers, on the other hand, include mechanisms such as embryo inviability and hybrid sterility (Dobzhansky et al.
The power industry often encounters deficiencies and excesses of capacity because of the lead time required to add capacity and the economic inviability of storing electricity.