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Unable to survive or develop normally: an inviable newborn calf.

in·vi·a·bil′i·ty n.


not viable, esp financially; not able to survive: an inviable company.
inˌviaˈbility, inˈviableness n
inˈviably adv


(ɪnˈvaɪ ə bəl)

(of an organism) incapable of sustaining its own life.
[1915–20; in-3 + viable]
in•vi`a•bil′i•ty, n.
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The EAC cells were counted using the Trypan Blue assay to calculate the total viable and inviable cells.
However, the "leisure" aspect of the market as opposed to the industrial and commercial elements has seen a decline in sales which made holding the show this year commercially inviable.
The facility had a lovely homely feel but the reality of professional sport made staying there inviable - even if it was an option, which an ill-fated dalliance with a property company made sure it wasn't.
They are responsible for a developmental defect that makes the would-be offspring of pairings between infected male mosquitoes and uninfected females inviable.
In some cases, abortions have been performed on inviable fetuses very early on, but women whose pregnancies are more advanced are forced to carry to term.
China argues publicly that lifting the ban would flood the market with legal products from farm-raised tigers and drive prices down, and thereby make poaching and sales of wild tigers economically inviable, but behind closed doors China appears to be bowing to pressure from tiger farmers and provincial officials who stand to profit from potentially millions in sales not only from harvesting the live tigers but also from existing "stocks"--hundreds of frozen carcasses the farms hold in storage.
En Birmania oriental, debido al conflicto continuo y la falta de sisternas de salud en buen estado de funcionamiento, resulta inviable poner enfasis en la prestacion de servicios en establecimientos con asistentes calificados.
Cells stained by Trypan blue were considered inviable and translucid cells were considered viable.
This approach proposes using the existing technologic platform and adding new functionality to provide services that approximate desired solutions avoiding expensive and sometimes inviable alternative of whole replace of the equipment.
Las caracteristicas de las redes estudiadas hicieron de esto una tarea inviable debido a la cantidad y diversidad de personas involucradas.
Yellow brass rendered the bacteria completely inviable after 270 minutes, while the high-copper alloy took only 90 minutes.