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Unable to survive or develop normally: an inviable newborn calf.

in·vi·a·bil′i·ty n.


not viable, esp financially; not able to survive: an inviable company.
inˌviaˈbility, inˈviableness n
inˈviably adv


(ɪnˈvaɪ ə bəl)

(of an organism) incapable of sustaining its own life.
[1915–20; in-3 + viable]
in•vi`a•bil′i•ty, n.
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La independencia de Catalunya, al menos en este contexto, es inviable, en primer lugar, porque no cuenta con el apoyo mayoritario de su poblacion.
Pero los tiempos han cambiado y lo honesto hoy en dia es ofrecer un premio en metalico, porque prometer carreras discograficas en el ano 2017 es inviable.
Es muy posible, tambien, que este dirigido al consumo interno de los tomadores de decisiones del PAN y que busque generar un contexto que haga inviable no elegirla como candidata.
Michael Jones from the IDP group, agents for Barratt Homes, told councillors that including the affordable housing in the final phase of the development would result in "reduced profit making well below the industry norm", making the development inviable.
In its final submission, the venture warned that certain environmental conditions would constrain it to a point where the project may become inviable.
The Iranian demands include issuing entry visas for the Iranians inside Iran online, which is practically inviable, and amending the civil aviation regulations to allow the national air carriers of both sides to carry 50 percent of the Iranian pilgrims each, which runs counter to the international rules, the statement said.
Some IPPs are also locked into power purchase agreements (PPAs) that have become inviable because they do not allow rising fuel costs to be passed through, he said.
There seems to be among the either the Tories or Labour any men or women of stature, vision, integrity and searing intelligence who can excite our imaginations and make Britain once more an inviable nation.
It is a momentous day," said Bob Schumacher, United's managing director for sales (UK & Ireland), who revealed the airline had almost looked to introduce the route in 2007, but that the global financial downturn had made it inviable.
Este costo puede ser inviable para algunos bancos", dice Juan Carlos Rivera, director de la carrera de mercadotecnia del TEC de Monterrey.
Tomorrow Craig Hamilton, of Commercially Inviable Records, Tom Hyland, of Ragtime
independence is not regarded so much as a treasonable notion as an economically inviable concept.