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1. Tending to rouse ill will, animosity, or resentment: invidious accusations.
2. Offensive and unfair: invidious distinctions.
3. Archaic Envious.

[Latin invidiōsus, envious, hostile, from invidia, envy; see envy.]

in·vid′i·ous·ly adv.
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Adv.1.invidiously - in a manner arousing resentment
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I beg you take all this as I mean it, which, Heaven knows, is not invidiously.
The cold sunlight of this spring evening peered invidiously upon the crocks and kettles, upon the bunches of dried herbs shivering in the breeze, upon the brass handles of the dresser, upon the wicker-cradle they had all been rocked in, and upon the well-rubbed clock-case, all of which gave out the reproachful gleam of indoor articles abandoned to the vicissitudes of a roofless exposure for which they were never made.
Morse, who had been invidiously singing the praises of Mr.
If I had been the most scrupulous man in the world, I must still have received my wages, for the very necessary purpose of not appearing to distinguish myself invidiously from my fellow-workmen.
444, 445 (1982) ("Blacks in the South remained segregated and stigmatized by Jim Crow laws; disenfranchised by invidiously administered literacy tests, white primaries, and poll taxes; and victimized by a criminal process from whose juries and other positions of power they were routinely exclude").
12) It rejected any constitutional basis for regulating corporations' political expenditures differently from those of natural persons, describing corporations as Tocquevillian "associations of citizens" and implying that a law that "exempts some corporations but covers others" invidiously discriminates against "certain disfavored associations of citizens--those that have taken on the corporate form.
That principle requires courts to apply the same strict scrutiny to racial classifications designed to benefit racial minorities--such as affirmative action policies--as they do to laws invidiously discriminating against them.
Allen Tate, ever righteous, added in his "Remarks on the Southern Religion" that industrialism was enmeshed within an "enemy abstraction," and that "large-scale exploitation of nature" did not support "stable religious order" but invidiously "advance[d] the interests of trade as an end in itself' (I'll Take My Stand 167).
T]he rights of nature, that is to say, of the free exercise of our faculties, must not be invidiously narrowed to any single form or shape.
an at-large voting basis invidiously discriminated on the basis of race.
232) The Minnesota Supreme Court summarized plaintiffs' arguments as an "assertion that the right to marry without regard to the sex of the parties is a fundamental right of all persons and that restricting marriage to only couples of the opposite sex is irrational and invidiously discriminatory.
Scratch under the ideological surface trumpeting good intention or defensive preemption of virtually every major venture in that history of militant grandiosity, and you find the raw numinosity of fetishized substance: white identity in this country has continuously and invidiously been routinized as a superiority conferring unimpeachable entitlement, organized into a transnational corporate reach elaborating ever-more sophisticated forms of penetration of local economies for the sake of pirating goods, and accumulating debt-instruments.