invite round


w>invite (a)round

vt sep(zu sich) einladen
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I would definitely recreate the prawn moilee at home (recipe opposite), it's simple, quick and impressive to any guest you invite round for a dinner party.
Hopefully the invite round to hers for TURKEY with all the trimmings is in the post
The property has just been treated to a summer overhaul and the new tenant will have plenty of celebrity neighbours to invite round for the housewarming.
Not, perhaps, your first choice to invite round for tea with the vicar.
Potential hosts buy the tickets, invite round some friends and then wait for the doorbell.
Your lordship's not the sort of bloke your grandma would invite round for tea, then.
Paula and our daughter Siofra would invite round jockey John Cullen and his wife Annemarie, Paddy Flood and his partner Emma Maher.
The victims of some of these shootings, let alone the perpetrators, are not the sort of people you or I would invite round for Christmas drinks.
The more parents you become friendly with, the more children you'll be able to invite round to play with your son/daughter.
House-sitting marrieds Eddy (Smart Laing) and Lilly (Selina Giles) invite round flash Dan (Paul Blackthorne) and spike Charlotte (Tania Emery), closely followed by ditzy, caring Alex (Jennifer White) and introverted social worker Alan (Thomas Fisher).