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The parametric equations of an involute of a circle are
x = r cos θ + r θ sin θ,
y = r sin θ - r θ cos θ.


1. Intricate; complex.
a. Botany Having the margins rolled inward.
b. Zoology Having whorls that enclose and obscure earlier whorls. Used of a gastropod shell.
intr.v. in·vo·lut·ed, in·vo·lut·ing, in·vo·lutes
To curl inward.
The curve traced by a point as if it were on a taut string being unwound from another curve.

[Latin involūtus, past participle of involvere, to enwrap; see involve.]

in′vo·lute′ly adv.


[ˌɪnvəˈluːtɪd] ADJ [design, system] → intrincado


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In Sequence, 2006, for instance, a huge involuted and double-skinned figure eight, the viewer is doubly perplexed--first physically overwhelmed, almost to the point of losing her balance or experiencing nausea through the torque of curving walls, and, second, spatially confused about where in the galleries she will exit from her serpentine ambulation.
In the library at Stykkisholmur, the local landscape and weather are involuted into the work.
The whole elaborate, involuted referential schema recalled nothing so much as the overdetermined causal chart of art movements that MOMA founder Alfred H.
Here, things are involuted, so the town, which features an abandoned park complete with benches and a barren tree, is inside the train.
The exhibition is an inventory of brooding melancholics from the history of Western representation, beginning with the antique: artists, saints, and ill-fated lovers as well as allegorical personifications of Melancholy itself, at the center of which sits Durer's great Melencolia I of 1514, forever fixed in place as the involuted grande dame of imagination in anguish.
The cryptophilosophical commentary scribbled into these pictures hints that Arce devised "Disolver/Coleccionar" as an involuted method for digesting all the art which would otherwise motivate him to quit painting.
The result, often enough, is a kind of lyrical yet involuted free association.
The pivot between this public collective body of the French Revolution and the involuted, remapped "private" body of Cubism is - remarkably - the fear of castration as embodied in Cezanne's late Bathers, whose weird distortions Clark sees as a parallel process to the psychic reworkings of experience theorized by Freudian psychoanalysis.
Cruising Disaster (all works 1996), for instance, spreads horizontally across 18 feet of wall space and consists of 111 similar vertical modules, held to the wall by steel clamps, of involuted and stitched black and red leather that has been imbued with white chalk dust.
His scientific investigations and technical innovations (his renowned fussiness with the camera, as though to show it in action were his only concern) come to a dead end in an involuted and convoluted reflection of and on the self, the morbid turn inward, the chewing on the cud of the unconscious that invariably follows defeat.
Where she exploited its molten possibilities to achieve an effect of random expression and involuted pathos, Duff finds delicate transcendence in its icy luminosity, often giving it colored tones that make the fiberglass seem as soft as the tones appear, however inflexible it actually is.