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 (ī-ō′də-fôrm′, ī-ŏd′ə-)
A yellowish crystalline iodine compound, CHI3, used as an antiseptic.


(Elements & Compounds) a yellow crystalline insoluble volatile solid with a penetrating sweet odour made by heating alcohol with iodine and an alkali: used as an antiseptic. Formula: CHI3. Systematic name: triiodomethane


(aɪˈoʊ dəˌfɔrm, aɪˈɒd ə-)

a yellowish, crystalline, water-insoluble solid, CHI3, having a penetrating odor: used chiefly as an antiseptic.
[1830–40; iod(ine) + -o- + form(yl)]
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Noun1.iodoform - sweet smelling yellow solid haloform CHI3
haloform - compounds with the formula CHX3, where X is a halogen atom
2.iodoform - a yellowish crystalline solid with a penetrating odoriodoform - a yellowish crystalline solid with a penetrating odor; sometimes used as an antiseptic dressing
antiseptic - a substance that destroys micro-organisms that carry disease without harming body tissues


[aɪˈɒdəfɔːm] Nyodoformo m
References in classic literature ?
As to your practice, if a gentleman walks into my rooms smelling of iodoform, with a black mark of nitrate of silver upon his right forefinger, and a bulge on the right side of his top-hat to show where he has secreted his stethoscope, I must be dull, indeed, if I do not pronounce him to be an active member of the medical profession.
They were associated in his mind with a faint odour of iodoform.
It was a strange and frightful spectacle--the small, bunk-lined space, the floor and walls leaping and lurching, the dim light, the swaying shadows lengthening and fore-shortening monstrously, the thick air heavy with smoke and the smell of bodies and iodoform, and the inflamed faces of the men--half-men, I should call them.
Out-patients would come in from the Hospital next door, often surrounded by an aura of iodoform.
The abscess cavity was packed with iodoform gauze to divert oral fluid from reaching the infected spaces in the right neck and anterior mediastinum.
20 ml Bottle),Pulp Devitalizer without arsenic (13-14 Gram),Pastes of Ca(OH)2 & Iodoform twin paste (2gms,Zinc Oxide powder (lOOgm bottle),Eugenol Liquid (Bottle 110 ml),Root Canal disinfectant (Consisting of Parachlorophenol, thymol, camphor, dexamethasone)
A breakthrough in treating contaminated wounds came when British surgeon James Rutherford Morison, at a military hospital in Durham, wrote an article in The Lancet in August 1916 about the use of bismuth and iodoform paraffin paste, known as BIPP.
A petroleum jelly gauze pocket was inserted into the surgical cavity, and this was followed by insertion of iodoform strips into the pocket to prevent postoperative hemorrhage and infection.