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While the idea behind applying adhesive drapes, especially those impregnated with iodophor, to the skin after surgical site preparation would seem to reduce infection rate, multiple studies have not proven this to be true.
Disinfection was accomplished by applying disinfectant iodophor solution around the penis and involved tissues and by covering the operative site with a surgical drape.
The CDC recommends a 2% chlorhexidine-based preparation, 70% alcohol, tincture of iodine or iodophor (O'Grady et al.
An iodophor or quaternary ammonium compound (quat) is preferred.
has received a patent for a coating composition comprised of a hardenable film-former and an effective amount of a reducing agent having a redox potential sufficient to decolorize an iodine or iodophor stain on the film-former.
One study showed that iodine tincture is more effective in reducing contamination rates than iodine in an iodophor (e.
1995) reported that latex or polyurethane containing nonoxynol, iodophor and an appropriate amount of distilled water, is used as contraceptive.
So the effectiveness of iodophor depends upon the availability of free iodine that is directly related to the nature of iodine interaction with the polymer.
In a pilot study that included 60 patients undergoing vaginal surgery, one half of each patient's abdomen was prepared with the 5-minute iodophor soap scrub-and-paint technique.
These techniques include reducing instrument exchanges, securing trocars so that they do not become dislodged, irrigating the abdominal cavity with a diluted iodophor solution, and removing the bowel containing the tumor into a plastic bag.
The most commonly used iodophor is povidone iodine which is a 10% iodophor solution that contains 1% available iodine.