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A colorless to yellowish liquid ketone, C13H20O, having the odor of cedar or violets, occurring in either of two isomeric forms, and used chiefly in perfumes.

[Originally a trademark.]


1. (Elements & Compounds) a yellowish liquid mixture of two isomers with an odour of violets, extracted from certain plants and used in perfumery
2. (Elements & Compounds) either of these two isomers. Formula: C13H20O
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Tenders are invited for Procurement of methyl ionone gama
The key aroma active compounds in vitamin A and D concentrates were: hexanal, Z-3hexen-1-ol, isoamyl acetate, octanal, limonene, phellandrene, damascone, ionone, cyclocitral and irone.
For example, the synthetic fragrance, methyl ionone (CID: 5371084), shares synonyms with two other chemicals: alpha-Cetone (CID: 5372174) and 127-42-4 (CID: 16751505).
ASX has unique chemical properties of the hydroxyl (OH) and keto (C=O) moieties on each ionone ring, which explains some of its unique features, namely, the high antioxidant activity (Hussein et al.
apiculata such as benzoquinone, campesterol, cinnamate, and lupeol, sitosterol, stigmasterol, diethyl phthalate, epoxy purine,1,2 epoxy-hexobarbital, bromobimane, 1,3-cydohexadiene, oxyphenylon, [alpha]-isomethyl ionone and diazene also reported (Nebula et al.