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A colorless to yellowish liquid ketone, C13H20O, having the odor of cedar or violets, occurring in either of two isomeric forms, and used chiefly in perfumes.

[Originally a trademark.]


1. (Elements & Compounds) a yellowish liquid mixture of two isomers with an odour of violets, extracted from certain plants and used in perfumery
2. (Elements & Compounds) either of these two isomers. Formula: C13H20O
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This data was comparable with the reported data of ionols and ionones [19-22].
General topic areas include: historical aspects, structure-odor relationships, odorants from natural and petrochemical sources, essential oils, odorants of animal origin and ionones, damascones, and Iso E Super.
EAT TOMATOES FOR FRESH BREATH Tomatoes contain ionones, which are believed to neutralise the odour-causing sulphur compounds in the mouth, so eating two or three tomatoes a day may help prevent bad breath, or halitosis.