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A compound that facilitates the transport of ions across a cell membrane, either by binding with the ion or by creating a channel through the membrane.


(Elements & Compounds) a chemical compound capable of forming a complex with an ion and transporting it through a biological membrane
[C20: from ion + -o- + -phore]


(aɪˈɒn əˌfɔr, -ˌfoʊr)

any of a group of lipid-soluble substances that can transport an ion through a cell membrane.
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At the center of all of Tyson's legal issues is the ionophore antibiotic that is used to prevent intestinal illnesses in poultry but is not used in human medication and a vaccine containing gentamicin, which Tyson injects in its eggs and is used in human therapies.
Other causes for muscle segmental necrosis are intoxication by ionophore antibiotics and by plants such as Senna occidentalis and Senna obtusifolia (RISSI, 2010; TOKARNIA et al.
Rapid forensic selected reaction monitoring liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry determination of ionophore antibiotics found at toxic levels in animal feeds.