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A compound that facilitates the transport of ions across a cell membrane, either by binding with the ion or by creating a channel through the membrane.


(Elements & Compounds) a chemical compound capable of forming a complex with an ion and transporting it through a biological membrane
[C20: from ion + -o- + -phore]


(aɪˈɒn əˌfɔr, -ˌfoʊr)

any of a group of lipid-soluble substances that can transport an ion through a cell membrane.
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Another alternative is the use of ionophores that, in addition to improving energy metabolism, reducing the ruminal degradation of dietary protein, increasing the digestibility and milk production, also reduce SFA and increase CLA content in the milk of dairy cows (Duffield et al.
While data shows that the methane-inhibiting effects of ionophores are likely minimal, "increases in production efficiency accomplished through supplementing ionophores reaffirm their use as an overall environmental mitigation technique," Mitloehner and Neumeier wrote.
Thus suggesting that zinc ionophores such as 5-CHQ may serve as anticancer agents.
They block the movement of free calcium ions, which serve as important secondary messengers, between ion channels and ionophores.
The protection offered by diazepam on PTZ kindling is well established (Schwark and Haluska 1987) and is known to occur via the interaction with benzodiazepine-binding site at the GABA-benzodiazepine receptor ionophores complex (GABAA receptor).
In an investigation of feeds labeled as nonmedicated, 44% (71 of 161) actually contained antimicrobials, and more than one-third (87 of 247) of feeds labeled as medicated contained undeclared antimicrobials, most notably chlortetracycline, sulfonamides, penicillin, and ionophores (Lynas et al.
Alternately Evans et al (2000) suggest that thymol disrupts membrane integrity by altering protein reactions in gram positive species, possibly acting as ionophores.
Significantly, this method can, in principle, be used to detect other metal ions by changing the structure and the size of ionophores that selectively bind other metal ions.
Because ionophores have not been shown to be harmful to humans, Tyson wanted to advertise its chicken as being "without harmful antibiotics.
An interesting comparison is 'natural beef,' which means no implants, antibiotics or ionophores (another medication) are given to the animal, versus the use of implants (hormone delivery tools that stimulate growth).
IL-1 transcription is induced by calcium ionophores and adhesion to matrix components.