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 (ī-rāt′, ī′rāt′)
Full of or characterized by extreme anger; enraged. See Synonyms at angry.

[Latin īrātus, past participle of īrāscī, to be angry, from īra, anger; see eis- in Indo-European roots.]

i·rate′ly adv.
i·rate′ness n.
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Adv.1.irately - in an irate manner; "`Get out,' he shouted irately"


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Anselment alleges that "Contemporary Elizabethans, irately opposed to Martin's blasphemous disregard for conventional methods of religious disputation, condemned him as a "stage plaier" whose behavior seemed a deliberate imitation of the popular jester Richard Tarlton.
The passionate commitment of monotheistic believers was bound to make them react irately, dismissively, and at times, derisively to the culture of the polytheists.
Very irately she replied in Kashmiri language, "chea kya daleel chhy" which means, what is wrong with you?
After the UN General Assembly voted on November 29, 2012 overwhelmingly to upgrade the status to a non-member state, Ambassador Susan Rice irately said that the United States "will continue to oppose firmly any and all unilateral actions in international bodies.
You should just face the truth," the irately self-pitying Abe at one point yells at his mother.
London, Mar 27( ANI ): Benfica has reacted irately to a video published in Chelsea's TV channel, in which striker Didier Drogba is filmed quaking in an attempt to ridicule the threat of the Portuguese side.
Roberto can offer no such defence as he irately dances his native "tarantella" along the touchline brandishing an invisible pack of cards and howling at the moon.
Kate's dressing up montage, rather oddly and irately described by Roger Ebert as "gratuitous and offensive" (14) comes after she and Harvey have again met at the airport, this time in a bar.
If we can balance our household budgets, they ask irately, why can't our political leaders?
It's not to save old buildings,' Lambert says irately, when I suggest as much-she has a short fuse for wrong-headed ideas.
First, Erdogan irately targeted the outspoken Dogan Media group urging people not to buy their newspapers.
After taking a number of photographs, the aforementioned steward approached me irately saying I couldn't take photos of him and that I was to delete the pictures immediately.