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1. Bound with iron.
2. Rigid and unyielding: an ironbound moral code.
3. Bound with rocks and cliffs: ironbound coasts.


1. bound with iron
2. unyielding; inflexible
3. (of a coast) rocky; rugged


(ˈaɪ ərnˈbaʊnd)

1. bound with iron.
2. rock-bound; rugged.
3. rigid; unyielding.
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Having a surface that is not smooth:
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Thrice he smote that strong, ironbound box, and at the third blow it burst open and a great heap of gold came rolling forth, gleaming red in the light of the torches.
About Courtyard Newark Elizabeth Courtyard Newark Elizabeth at 87 Glimcher Realty Way in Elizabeth, NJ is near the historic Ironbound District, Turtle Back Zoo and Jersey Gardens shopping.
The world's largest vertical will comprise 69,000 s/f and is being constructed within a converted steel factory in Newark's Ironbound district AeroFarms expects to produce up to two million pounds of fresh vegetables and herbs per year when the facility is completed and in frill operation.
Nobby Solano has been oered the role of technical director at American outt Ironbound Soul SC.
After the Padovano and Macino families emigrated from Italy to settle in The Ironbound Section of Newark, New Jersey, thus began the development of John Padovano's music that he calls "Poesia and Chanson.
Ironbound was awarded redress leaving them third in the overnight standings.
Travel Business Review-March 15, 2012--Renaissance Newark Airport Hotel Announces New Menu From Ironbound Restaurant(C)2012] ENPublishing - http://www.
He previously served as co-managing partner at Ironbound Capital Management, a mid-sized hedge fund based in New Jersey.
A Booker, were among the dignitaries who attended the ribbon cutting at the new world headquarters of The Manischewitz Company on June 14 in the Ironbound (Down Neck) section of Newark.
The visiting delegations will enjoy tours of Newark, guided by City Historian Charles Cummings, participate in the annual Portuguese Festival in the Ironbound and attend both a Newark Bears baseball game and a final banquet dinner.
has consolidated and expanded its corporate offices, laboratories and manufacturing facilities in the historic Ironbound section of Newark, NJ.