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n.1.One who, or that which, irons.
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Occasionally an ironer lost the stride for an instant, gasped or sighed, then caught it up again with weary determination.
The elderly woman's cry had caused a tremor of money-loss to pass among the piece-work ironers of fancy starch.
The mountain of fancy starch had been demolished--all save the few remnants, here and there, on the boards, where the ironers still labored.
27 Porters 3 Coarse Washers and Ironers 44 Mules 1 Fine ditto 44 Muleteers 7 Cows 2 Milkers
The company's latest line of products includes the flatwork dryer ironer with feeder, folders and stackers.
The unit houses the best and latest machines of the highest international standards that includes washing machines from Belgium, ironer line from Denmark, dry-cleaning and garment finishing machines from Italy, garment pressing and dryers from USA, identification systems from Netherlands and packing systems from Germany.
In an even grimmer ironer, during the past six weeks humanitarian access has been dramatically compromised by security threats, and this has put many hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese at risk.
In 1990s, the occupations or professions characteristic of females include head of the family, cook, set tables, grocery shopper, kindergarten teacher, and ironer.
In other words, washers, dryers, and the ironer should be sized to meet the needs of today's fabrics and other changes in processing that frequently occur.
The protester asserts that it can provide a flatwork ironer that meets the agency's needs.