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iron fist

Rigorous or despotic control: ruled the nation with an iron fist.

i′ron·fist′ed (ī′ərn-fĭs′tĭd) adj.


stingy or niggardlycruel and unyielding


(ˈaɪ ərnˈfɪs tɪd)

ruthless and tyrannical.
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For the uninitiated, the VVS is a bizarre world in which it is acceptable to hate an entire religion (Islam) if done in the name of patriotism, Christians are unable to practice their faith because of "persecution" by liberals, Planned Parenthood is unravelling the very fabric of society and President Barack Obama is, alternately, an ironfisted near-dictator or a feckless incompetent.
The protests of 2011 had raised hopes of democratic reform after more than three decades of ironfisted rule by Saleh.
An ironfisted policy is in practice and death is being used to discipline the Kashmiris," he said and appealed to the Kashmiri Diaspora to raise a unified and collective voice for the rights of Kashmiris.
It is worth noting here that Porter's younger brother Fairfield, the painter, once told the ironfisted potentate Clement Greenberg to shut up.
Can you survive both World Wars, prosper through the Great Depression, rule as an ironfisted dictator through the Cold Can you survive both World Wars, prosper through the Great Depression, rule as an ironfisted dictator through the Cold War and advance your country to modern times and beyond?
Second, congressional reformers took on the committee chairs and their ironfisted control over everything from the hiring and firing of staff to which lawmakers got to sit on which subcommittees.
Chechnya used to be a hotbed of radical Sunni Muslim insurgency in the North Caucasus since the 1990s, but the rebels were mostly forced out to neighboring regions in recent years by the ironfisted local government.
Notwithstanding the ironfisted and harsh military administration there were anti-Japanese elements among the local inhabitants.
A remote stretch of untamed equatorial rain forest on South America's Caribbean coast, the former British colony was ruled by an ironfisted Marxist dictator, Forbes Burnham, who had forged close relations with Cuba, the Soviet Union, and North Korea, and was personally interested in the quirky American preacher and his dream of founding a socialist Shangri-La.
Assad is increasingly isolated in his struggle to crush an armed insurrection that now spearheads a year-long popular revolt against four decades of his family's ironfisted rule.
Most critics of Chua's book voice outrage over her ironfisted parenting and the harsh techniques she used as she pushed her children to be successful.
His Ironfisted sibling is slower and more ponderous.