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One who is very strong and courageous.

[From Ironside, nickname of Edmund II, and Ironsides, nickname of Oliver Cromwell.]


(Biography) nickname of Edmund II of England. See Edmund II


(ˈaɪ ərnˌsaɪd)

1. a strong person with great power of endurance or resistance.
2. (cap.) Usu., Ironsides. (used with a sing. v.) a nickname of Oliver Cromwell.
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Noun1.ironside - a man of great strength or braveryironside - a man of great strength or bravery  
adult male, man - an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman); "there were two women and six men on the bus"
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Pleasanton, California-based Ironside has always boasted that while ERP packages are limited to their own proprietary platforms, it could provide a single source of e-commerce products for ERP platforms, including SAP, Oracle, SSA JD Edwards, JBA, and Prism that could run across multiple systems.
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0 is the culmination of our ongoing commitment to empower trading partners with the speed and flexibility to forge stronger relationships, while increasing revenues and dramatically improving operational efficiencies," said Ted Tritchew, product manager of Ironside Technologies.
This was the key finding of the Ironside Order Disorder" Study which compared business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales ordering inquiries across a variety of sales channels and vertical sectors.
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3, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Ford Foundation today announced the appointment of Alfred Ironside as its next Vice President for Global Communications.
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Ironside We are very fortunate now to have good quality childcare - albeit not enough of it - and legislation which means women aren't as discriminated against in the workplace as they once were.
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