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One that makes iron articles; a blacksmith.


a blacksmith


(ˈaɪ ərnˌsmɪθ)

a worker in iron; blacksmith.
[before 1150]
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Now human beings are dependent on one another as mentioned earlier, but the time of need of a person does not often coincide with the time of need of another person, as in the case of a carpenter who may be in need of an ironsmith but could not find one (at that particular time).
In this period two factors intensified the migration from villages to cities: the unemployment of some villagers due to the changes in traditional structure of villages, thus the possibility of livelihood of some rural population who were in direct relation with serfdom system and constitute significant percentage of settlers of the village disappeared, and also other groups such as, carpenters, ironsmith, cowherds, gardeners, and etc.
A Pakistani ironsmith said that he was carrying out some work in a building around 2pm when he spotted the accused moving agitatedly down an opposite building.
To train 100 articians and ironsmith technicians through 8 training regarding new technology for making smokeless stoves in initial quarter of the project.
13:35- Ironsmith in eastern Turkey files complaint against two ministers
He was told by Patterson that the milkman was at the door only to discover that it was the ironsmith, who was standing at the door.
Tongues were wagging after the game faster than the repair job on Craig Whyte's front gates (wonder if the Speyside ironsmith demanded cash up front for that job?
Brass trays with calligraphy engraved by a local ironsmith are stacked next to a brightly colored ceramic Moroccan lamp on a dining room table surrounded by antique, mother-of-pearl-inlaid chairs.
On touring the various craft shops, he felt an immediate affinity for the heat of the forge and the artistry of the ironsmith.
27) For example, the builder (al-banna) (28) is in need of the carpenter (al-najjar), and the carpenter is in need of the ironsmith (al-haddad), (29) and the workers of iron are in need of the craft of the workers of mines (ashab al-ma'adin), (30) and all these crafts, in turn, are in need of the builder.
The village labourers like ironsmith, washer man etc, who are dependent on the farmers should also get jobs and compensation of Rs.
Al-Hamawe worked at a store in Kabul, but planned to move to Pakistan when a friend sent him money from Syria, Mouhammed, who had been a policeman and a grocer in Syria, had saved some money while working, and planned to move on to Jordan, Shaaban had been an ironsmith in his father's store and went to Afghanistan because he wanted to move there, and, according to US intelligence, Ahjam worked for al-Wafa [a Saudi humanitarian aid charity, which the Bush administration regarded as being tied to al-Qaeda, although no proof of this was ever forthcoming, and almost all of those who worked for the charity, including its Saudi director, were subsequently released].