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1. Irrational thought, expression, or behavior; irrationality.
2. Belief in feeling, instinct, or other nonrational forces rather than reason.


(ɪˈræʃ ə nlˌɪz əm)

1. irrationality in thought or action.
2. a theory that nonrational forces govern the universe.
ir•ra′tion•al•ist, adj., n.
ir•ra`tion•al•is′tic, adj.


1. a theory that nonrational forces govern the universe.
2. any attitude or set of beliefs having a nonrational basis, as nihilism. — irrationalist, n., adj.irrationalistic, adj.
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The irrationalists who presently dominate education would wipe away all record of the past.
When irrationalists, as opposed to rationalists, start suggesting that children shouldn't he exposed to science, to biology, and the idea that life has changed, and instead promote the biblical version of how we came to exist, then I think we should speak out.
Among them, we find the long line of spiritualists, irrationalists, theoretical mystics--practical mystics wisely keep quiet and apply themselves, fruitfully, to their worthy exercises--and those who have an obsession for the supernatural.
That shouldn't be of much comfort to irrationalists.
One will not soon forget her recurrent use, as a diagnostic tool for some of the less sane pronouncements of the irrationalists, of J.
Yet his greatest polemical work in this area, Popper and After: Four Modern Irrationalists, still has something of a cult following (and was recently re-released under the title Anything Goes: Origins of the Cult of Scientific Irrationalism).