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 (ĭr′ĭ-do͞o′sə-bəl, -dyo͞o′-)
Impossible to reduce to a desired, simpler, or smaller form or amount: irreducible burdens.

ir′re·duc′i·bil′i·ty, ir′re·duc′i·ble·ness n.
ir′re·duc′i·bly adv.
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The lyric can be a place in which to insist on the irreducibility of desire.
Rather, dinlogism stresses the irreducibility, or indivisibility of relations among discourses: heteroglossia, Bakhtin called it.
The rise of intolerance and ethnicizing discourses among Anglo-Canadians is occurring at a time when the turmoil and the dread in the face of uncertainties are strongest, when the irreducibility of political positions and the absence of new solutions lead to feelings of worry and even guilt, casting the Canadian c onstitutional order into doubt.
It might even be argued that historians have a strong occupational self-interest in insisting upon the uniqueness, specificity and irreducibility of local cultures and contexts.
One recent comment by a British sociologist offers the always timely caveat that informing the logic of the formation of Western multiculturalismis "the political irreducibility of racialization" (Hesse, 1997: 377).
In both films, he gives us characters whose behavior surprises us, not in the contrived plot-driven surprise of an O'Henry short story or some banal Hollywood thriller, but in the uniqueness and irreducibility of even the simplest and most ordinary of people.
We will have to content ourselves with saying: "person" signifies the irreducibility of man to his nature -- "irreducibility" and not "something irreducible" or "something which makes man irreducible to his nature" precisely because it cannot be a question here of"something" distinct from "another nature" but of someone who is distinct from his own nature, of someone who goes beyond his own nature while still containing it, who makes it exist as human nature by this over stepping and yet does not exist in himself beyond the nature which he "enhypostasizes" and which he constantly exceeds.
This approach is worth noting because it could easily be overlooked, given that time in the film is presented as the cycle of nature in the countryside, a mute character that is a rather antidiscursive force in the sense of its irreducibility to interpretation through language.
Modern ideas about computational irreducibility, originated by Turing (1936) and others, reinforce this outlook.
These properties form the structural dynamics of what we shall refer to as the socio-natural system, a term chosen to acknowledge the irreducibility of human-environmental interaction', it cannot be meaningfully disaggregated into convenient functional sub-sets in the manner of systems theory, with 'environment', 'subsistence' and 'exchange' as discrete subsets.
Southern's documentation of the full range of African-American musical activities, including classical music, church music, composition, performance, spiritual-singing, and minstrel songs in addition to the more expected topics of jazz, blues, and ragtime quietly asserted the diversity of African-American cultural experience and its irreducibility to the stereotyped images of the "untutored primitive" transmitted in many writings about jazz and blues.
Irreducibility can be characterized by saying that all the projects are linked together, both forwards and backwards.