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Impossible to refute or controvert; indisputable: irrefragable evidence.

[Late Latin irrefrāgābilis : Latin in-, not; see in-1 + Latin refrāgārī, to oppose, resist; see bhreg- in Indo-European roots.]

ir·ref′ra·ga·bil′i·ty n.
ir·ref′ra·ga·bly adv.


not able to be denied or refuted; indisputable
[C16: from Late Latin irrefrāgābilis, from Latin ir- + refrāgārī to resist, thwart]
irˌrefragaˈbility, irˈrefragableness n
irˈrefragably adv


(ɪˈrɛf rə gə bəl)

not to be disputed or contested.
[1525–35; < Late Latin irrefragābilis= Latin ir- ir-2 + refragā(rī) to oppose + -bilis -ble]
ir•ref′ra•ga•bly, adv.


adj (form)unwiderlegbar
References in classic literature ?
We have had, and may still have, worse things to tell of him; but none, we apprehend, so pitiably weak; no evidence, at once so slight and irrefragable, of a subtle disease that had long since begun to eat into the real substance of his character.
During this time Valentine, at once terrified and happy, after having embraced and thanked the feeble old man for thus breaking with a single blow the chain which she had been accustomed to consider as irrefragable, asked leave to retire to her own room, in order to recover her composure.
La Fontaine, however, was declared conqueror, on account of his profound erudition and his irrefragable logic.
When the mining first began, several rebels toward the East had tried profitlessly to buck this irrefragable game and had found they had battered their unyielding heads against an equally unyielding stone wall.
He never said, I discovered this adaptation or invented that combination; but showed the whole thing as if the Divine artificer had made it, and he had happened to find it; so modest he was about it, such a pleasant touch of respect was mingled with his quiet admiration of it, and so calmly convinced he was that it was established on irrefragable laws.
Tulliver was in his principle that water was water, and in the direct inference that Pivart had not a leg to stand on in this affair of irrigation, he had an uncomfortable suspicion that Wakem had more law to show against this (rationally) irrefragable inference than Gore could show for it.
At this distance the presence of another person is irrefragable and may be often uncomfortable due to the predominance of sensuous perception.
Careful seeking to understand the truth in dogmas, doctrines, and elemental meanings is an irrefragable task.
This unfolding of African-centered psychological knowledge is properly called the construction approach to psychological inquiry as psychological knowledge is created and articulated-literally constructed--using the irrefragable African-centered framework outlined in Azibo (1992).
For Stein, it is impossible to understand the nature of the human soul apart from its irrefragable relationship with God, who is pure Spirit and the archetype and actuating pattern of all created spirits, including the type of spiritual being that is the human soul.
Iago is indeed a most learned and irrefragable doctor on the subject of love, which he defines to be "merely a lust of the blood, and a permission of the will.
Besides, any supposition of jealousy would in itself incongruously cast at least a sliver or shadow of suspicion on the irrefragable and scatterless female oneness, transcribed here as the "decent" and "exemplary" wife--the "good lady" (294, 293, 292).