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1. Having no correlative relationship; unconnected.
2. Irrelevant.

ir·rel′a·tive·ly adv.


1. unrelated
2. a rare word for irrelevant
irˈrelatively adv
irˈrelativeness n


(ɪˈrɛl ə tɪv)

1. not relative; without relation (usu. fol. by to).
2. irrelevant.
ir•rel′a•tive•ly, adv.
References in classic literature ?
said Miggs, with a strong emphasis on the irrelative pronoun.
He continued,"were also discussed the subject of Arab villages that were demolished and dredging during the liberation operation or after it, outlining that Ambassador Jones stressed his rejection to all outlaw practices and the need to reduce them because they are irrelative to humanity.
Our web app enables users to initiate a follow-and-back request based on similarity of interests, thus making the number of free followers of the targeted users irrelative.
What he borrows at is somewhat irrelative to the 99.
Under the VAR framework some more variables are also undertaken to compare and see the irrelative impacts.
Without an all-inclusive plan that can alleviate the ails of the economy by creating more jobs and setting up a clear budget plan, Kandil believes that pushing for democratic reform could soon become irrelative.
The ontology of liberty of Pareyson's last works digs deeper into the themes already incisively treated at the beginning of his philosophical path, in "Tempo ed eternita" (1943)--an essay subsequently collected in Esistenza e persona (1950)--where the concept of the irrelative asserts the relation between relative and irrelative, such that the irrelative remains in any case ulterior, transcendent, and irrelative with respect to the relation instituted by its very self.