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Hostility or indifference to religion.


1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) lack of religious faith
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) indifference or opposition to religion
ˌirreˈligionist n


(ˌɪr ɪˈlɪdʒ ən)

1. lack of religion.
2. hostility or indifference to religion; impiety.
[1585–95; < Late Latin]
ir`re•li′gion•ist, n.
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Noun1.irreligion - the quality of not being devout
impiety, impiousness - unrighteousness by virtue of lacking respect for a god
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The worthy gentleman used his privilege as a Voltairean noble to stay away from mass; and great indulgence was shown to his irreligion because of his devotion to the royal cause.
This cavern of oblivion that was awaiting him, that he must enter--it was black and now more than ever his deep, simple irreligion refused to let fairy tales pacify him with the belief that beyond it was everlasting daylight.
Among the literary adventurers of the age who led wild lives in the London taverns Marlowe is said to have attained a conspicuous reputation for violence and irreligion.
Sixteen-year-old Chad Farnan, who, after growing weary of sitting through the anti-Christian rants of his history teacher, engaged his constitutional rights and filed a lawsuit against his teacher for violating the Establishment Clause by promoting hostility toward Christians in class and advocating irreligion over religion.
People are free to choose the lifestyle they like but since they are unacquainted with Allah and Islamic moral values, the majority may choose irreligion.
De fait, c'est d'abord par son irreligion que le communisme doit etre combattu dans l'esprit de Sauve et de l'ESP.
Sean McGraw and Kevin Whelan argue that nationalist inspiration between Belgium and Ireland was reciprocal: 'Belgium, closely observing the Irish example, developed a similar blend of persecuted national traditions and Catholicism, which jettisoned Enlightenment irreligion and anticlericalism while retaining its democratic principles'.
The New Westminster Mainland Guardian denounced the Communards as the "vile products of irreligion," adding that "their liberty is robbery and murder, their equality is in vice, and their fraternity that of demons.
By contrast, neopaganism substitutes for the (still religious) adoration of the things created by God the adoration--infinitely more foolish--of the works made by human hands: hence the total and purely negative irreligion, the self-idolatry that is no longer interested in God, not even to deny and combat him, and no longer even sincerely interested in others, i.
15-17, described Brazilians as practicing cannibalism, irreligion, and polygamy.
Given his ever applauded irreligion, we might not want to declare Flavin's Icons the art-historical source of all this.
The whole point of this sixteen-page detour (197) into antidisestablishmentarian theory is to legitimate the use of governmental institutions, especially schools, to promote secularism or irreligion and to discriminate against religious speech.