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Impossible to remove: irremovable boulders; irremovable obstacles.

ir′re·mov′a·bil′i·ty n.
ir′re·mov′a·bly adv.


not able to be removed
ˌirreˌmovaˈbility, ˌirreˈmovableness n
ˌirreˈmovably adv


(ˌɪr ɪˈmu və bəl)

not removable.
ir`re•mov`a•bil′i•ty, n.
ir`re•mov′a•bly, adv.
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Adj.1.irremovable - incapable of being removed or away or dismiss; "irremovable boulders"; "irremovable obstacles"
removable - capable of being removed or taken away or dismissed; "a removable cord"; "removable partitions"


[ˌɪrɪˈmuːvəbl] ADJinamovible
References in classic literature ?
There are certain irremovable barriers between myself and them, and I must accept them.
The more he felt himself in danger the more anxious he became for an irremovable position; yet he was compelled to play low; one moment's indiscretion, and he might lose everything.
The minister, or to speak correctly, des Lupeaulx had invited to dinner on this occasion one of those irremovable officials who, as we have said, are to be found in every ministry; an individual much embarrassed by his own person, who, in his desire to maintain a dignified appearance, was standing erect and rigid on his two legs, held well together like the Greek hermae.
Religion formed a stubborn and nearly irremovable obstacle with both.
Rather, they argued that it needed to be tempered and that tempering was best achieved not by having unelected or irremovable officials but rather by dividing the legislature into two Houses, (28) overlaying various electoral districts (for example, having each voter represented by a Congressman and Senator), (29) vesting in the President the power to veto legislation, (30) and dividing power across multiple branches of the federal government.
An RO registers the number of ballot papers, their serial numbers, number of irremovable magnetic ink pads, serial numbers of the electoral lists and the details of the other electoral material and their quantities in the polling invoice.
Noticing that in practice Law 217/2003 does not provide effective protection to victims of domestic violence, lawmakers have considered it necessary to create a tool to try to combat this type of violence from the moment it becomes an imminent and irremovable danger.
The Third Plenary Council of Baltimore in 1884, at the insistence of the Holy See, gave to the priests who were a bishop's consultors, and to the irremovable rectors of churches in a diocese, the right to draw up and send their own terna, with the stipulation that the bishops could reject a name from that list if they had canonical reasons for doing so.
Values, says Thagard, are inextricable from science because they are irremovable from the minds of scientists.
We realize that some undecidability hangs permanently on her shoulders, when Majaj depicts an irremovable rift in her identity.
Though ethnocentrism may be a bit like original sin in that it is inborn and to some extent irremovable, this fact does not condemn us to a moral fatalism or determinism.