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Noun1.irreproducibility - the quality of being unreproducible; "he could not explain the irreproducibility of the results of his experiment"
undependability, undependableness, unreliability, unreliableness - the trait of not being dependable or reliable
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2 billion, concludes a review of data on irreproducibility published in the June 9 PLOS Biology.
This was done in response to issues with irreproducibility (primarily) in preclinical studies.
The study included an in-depth analysis of the key components of irreproducibility, and used secondary research to benchmark the potential impacts of improved standards.
Industry, academia, and the National Cancer Institute are all equally aware that the irreproducibility of research results is crippling our ability to develop new drugs to attack cancer," stated Compton.
The lack of meaningful progress in preclinical cancer research was highlighted by the irreproducibility of >70% of published studies.
8220;Hyperquenching technology promises to address a major source of irreproducibility influencing X-ray diffraction outcomes, to simplify the identification of satisfactory cryoprotection conditions, and to increase the throughput of structure-solving pipelines,” says Robert Thorne, Chairman and CTO of MiTeGen.
While acknowledging the seemingly boundless potential for artificial intelligence within computer applications, Ong was insistent on the irreproducibility of personhood through machinery.
The area has hitherto been plagued with controversy and irreproducibility between different laboratories.
It is unlikely that this variation could be explained by irreproducibility of measured colloidal forces.
To minimize the irreproducibility of the experiments due to the nucleation effects, a small nucleus of the austenitic phase was initiated in one corner of the specimen by rapid localized heating, using a gas burner.
Given the numerous variables impacting microarray performance, irreproducibility of data generation across laboratories may be highly likely using the same microarray platforms if experimenters each develop their own set of labeling and hybridization conditions.