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1. Impossible to resist: an irresistible impulse to sneeze.
2. Having an overpowering appeal: irresistible beauty.
3. Usage Problem Inevitable or inexorable.

ir′re·sis′ti·bil′i·ty, ir′re·sis′ti·ble·ness n.
ir′re·sis′ti·bly adv.
Usage Note: The word irresistible is sometimes used to mean "bound to happen, unstoppable, inevitable." A majority of the Usage Panel objects to this usage. In our 2006 survey, some 65 percent rejected the sentence The rise of liberal blogs was irresistible, given the broader climate of political debate.
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Noun1.irresistibility - the quality of being overpowering and impossible to resist
power, powerfulness - possession of controlling influence; "the deterrent power of nuclear weapons"; "the power of his love saved her"; "his powerfulness was concealed by a gentle facade"
عَدَم القُدْرَه على مُقاوَمَتِهِ
karşı konulamazlık


(iriˈzistəbl) adjective
too strong, delightful, tempting etc to be resisted. He had an irresistible desire to hit her.
ˌirreˈsistibly adverb
ˈirreˌsistiˈbility noun
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my dream of universal irresistibility was but short-lived, for next afternoon, as William and I sat out at some cafe together, I found myself the object of chaff.
This is a drama without catharsis, no purging release from pity and terror, which here are shamefully, magnificently irresistible, for Shakespeare plays mercilessly on that irresistibility, creating in Macbeth the loneliest of his characters, intensifying throughout Acts Two and Three Macbeth's profound sense of his own isolation.
The #PackAttack campaign illustrates the irresistibility of TEMPTATIONS treats with integrated marketing efforts, including creative print, out of home posters, digital content and social media.
Sanchez and Cazorla teased defenders at will after the break, Arsenal roused themselves into irresistibility.
He was probably already reaping the rewards of his sexual irresistibility," she told the jury.
I'd put a wager on it that his irresistibility was in how he made them feel.
No, nothing to do with the irresistibility of my Hai Karate aftershave, more that it was a swelteringly hot July morning and she'd suddenly felt a bit faint after getting up from her seat to alight at Cardiff Central.
87) While there was disagreement in the case-law over whether to apply the three elements cumulatively or whether 1' irresistibility was the critical consideration, Lord Mance adopted a pragmatic approach that considered all of the circumstances constituting the event: "If these are all foreseeable, then it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that steps should have been taken to address them.
Chain-smoking Alky Boy's irresistibility to all women is about as believable as the smouldering animal magnetism of short, fat, bald Albert Square thug Phil Mitchell.
Ava's apparent irresistibility soon results in an ongoing sexual relationship.
La Yuqawam Orchid Prairie and Tobacco Blaze men series preserves the irresistibility with its scents of saffron and Neroli that unites with violets, Armoise and Coumarine to ignite the feelings.
The irresistibility of this horror-induced impulse suggests that it precedes conscious awareness or decision-making, positioning it in the realm of affect.