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Impossible to resolve: irresoluble conflicts.

[Latin irresolūbilis : in-, not; see in-1 + resolvere, resolūt-, to untie; see resolve.]


1. a less common word for insoluble
2. archaic not capable of being relieved
irˌresoluˈbility n
irˈresolubly adv


(ˌɪr ɪˈzɒl yə bəl, ɪˈrɛz əl-)

1. incapable of being solved, explained, or clarified.
2. Archaic. incapable of being resolved into component parts.
[1640–50; < Latin irresolūbilis]
ir`re•sol`u•bil′i•ty, n.
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The indivisibility of the ella of the first chapter (her score of fifty points for heaven and fifty points for hell has left her with an irresoluble tie) and the way in which she must bow to exclusive, unified authority that is located in the ether--outside of her body and elsewhere--identify power as monolithic.
Although Plato and Aristotle maintained that the virtues could be harmonized and that there was, therefore, a fundamental unity among them (which reflected the harmony of the order of the cosmos as a whole), MacIntyre thinks that Sophocles had a clearer view of the character of human life as a whole: there are irresoluble conflicts.
As for the deadlock over the Cabinet formation, Hout said the March 8 alliance was to blame for delaying consensus by advancing irresoluble counter-conditions.
For TunctE-rk, the relationship between the city and the individual is almost irresoluble.
Because she "is concerned with the irresoluble tension in the separateness and connectedness of things," they go on to explain that her approach "includes but moves beyond argument" (x).
He has emerged over a period of several months as an absolutely pivotal figure in attempting to resolve what looks like a near irresoluble crisis," said David Marsh, chairman of management consultancy SCCO International.
La crisis de la historia y de las ideologias y la influencia de la fenomenologia han traido consigo la conciencia de la dudosa descifrabilidad de la realidad y de su fragmentacion irresoluble, lo cual se resuelve a lo largo del libro en una reaccion contra el optimismo de la sociedad de consumo y una denuncia de la destruccion ecologica que genera.
The irresoluble antithesis between the written text--emblem of temporality and memory--and the "immemorial Voice"--emblem of the epiphany of the a-temporal primordiality--calls for an innovative technical stratagem: la scrittura di scena, which could be translated as "writing on the scene.
The Greek politicians, who think that they can decide about the identity of another people, are to blame for the fact that the name dispute is becoming irresoluble, Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki assessed on Thursday, Dnevnik reports.
Duff, "Justice, Mercy, and Forgiveness," Criminal Justice Ethics 9 (Summer/Fall 1990): 51, 63 (agreeing that "we should resist the temptation to suppose that life cannot confront us (cannot be allowed to confront us) with such irresoluble conflicts between incommensurable values").
El que este caso haya quedado irresoluble hasta el estallido de la guerra de Independencia, tampoco seria algo atipico de los juicios por tierra de finales del periodo colonial.
We are now starting to plan the health service on the basis that this is a problem that is irresoluble.