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1. Irresoluble.
2. Impossible to separate into component parts; irreducible.


1. not able to be resolved into parts or elements
2. not able to be solved; insoluble
ˌirreˌsolvaˈbility, ˌirreˈsolvableness n
ˌirreˈsolvably adv


(ˌɪr ɪˈzɒl və bəl)

not resolvable; incapable of being resolved; not analyzable or solvable.
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Sometimes the best solution for seemingly irresolvable issues with others is to back off and let them do what they think is best.
Politicians are muting yet again reducing conscription from 24 to 14 months, but that causes irresolvable hand-over problems.
That said, I should mention a reservation one might have, though because it might be irresolvable, the fact that Hustwit himself doesn't resolve it is by no means reason to dispense with fallibist hermeneutics as much as it is reason to acknowledge its limitations.
As we renew calls for reactivating the government, accumulating daily problems would eventually turn intricately irresolvable, he added.
Drawing on five fascinating case studies, "Superchurch: The Rhetoric and Politics of American Fundamentalism" blends a complex yet readable treatment of rhetorical and political theory with a sophisticated approach to Fundamentalism that neither dismisses its appeal nor glosses over its irresolvable tensions.
The force of this irresolvable paradox, which insures that genuine eloquence always resides elsewhere, only intensifies when sixteenth-century writers attempt to domesticate a classical ideal of eloquence in a vernacular widely held to be barbarous and strange.
While some argue that sovereignty disputes must be resolved before JDAs can be implemented, others see JDAs as a feasible near- and medium-term alternative to the political impasse, which seems irresolvable for the time being.
There was a strange and irresolvable tension between these parched reliquaries and the abundant cultural allusions packed into their titles--Dornroschen (Sleeping Beauty), Ararat, Fitzcarraldo.
These negotiations showed that neither is Iran 'the axis of evil' that the Americans imagined and tried to make the world believe, nor does America have irresolvable conflicts with Iran, as many said.
But it's also because six years as president brings into stark relief how complex and irresolvable most of our chronic problems are.
Pharmacologic interference with p97 function in tumors generates irresolvable endoplasmic reticulum stress that induces a lethal unfolded protein response, which in turn leads to apoptosis and profound antitumor activity.
Wilde's sublime invention combines a labyrinthine plot, the seemingly irresolvable narrative of a farce and some of the wittiest lines ever written.