irrigation ditch

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Noun1.irrigation ditch - a ditch to supply dry land with water artificiallyirrigation ditch - a ditch to supply dry land with water artificially
ditch - a long narrow excavation in the earth
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Then Thompson and his crew spotted the bodies of Vietnamese women, children and old men piled in an irrigation ditch.
Under the trees, to his surprise, he came upon an irrigation ditch which at that point had widened into a small pool.
Speaking to the Western Mail's sister paper, the South Wales Echo, at the time, he recalled the moment he was hit by the bullet as he was sheltering in a irrigation ditch.
Called Monument 3, it is just the second carved monument uncovered in the process of digging an irrigation ditch in Ojo de Agua.
Stephen, originally from Lisburn, Co Antrim, had climbed into an irrigation ditch to investigate when the bomb went off, killing him instantly.
A contract to raise the elevation of about 100 acres of the proposed business park and to relocate an existing irrigation ditch was awarded to Kerr Contractors Inc.
AKITA, Japan - Police arrested a woman in Daisen, Akita Prefecture, and a male acquaintance on Monday on suspicion of killing the woman's 4-year-old son, who was found dead in an irrigation ditch near her home last month.
SAITAMA, Japan - An additional 2 million yen in cash was found Sunday in an irrigation ditch in Hasuda, Saitama Prefecture, close to the site where about 15 million yen in cash was found Saturday, police said.
In order to build the retail center, the developer had to drop an irrigation ditch, Bull Canal, underground.
Avril's badly beaten body was found a few days later in an irrigation ditch.
He wrote Mayordomo, which is about an irrigation ditch and so much more.
Every major initiative by the fledgling Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee - later the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee and then the United Farm Workers - began with prayer, often an outdoor Mass celebrated on an irrigation ditch levee near some farm or ranch.

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