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v. ir·ri·gat·ed, ir·ri·gat·ing, ir·ri·gates
1. To supply (land or crops) with water by means of pipes, sprinklers, ditches, or streams.
2. To wash out (a body cavity or wound) with water or a medicated fluid.
To irrigate land or crops.

[Latin irrigāre, irrigāt- : in-, in; see in-2 + rigāre, to water.]

ir′ri·ga′tion n.
ir′ri·ga′tion·al adj.
ir′ri·ga′tor n.


(Med) → Spülapparat m, → Irrigator m
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Information from the sensors is relayed wirelessly to a central module, which notifies the irrigator via text message when the input water needs to be turned off.
The partnership between Irrigator Tech and Sprinkler Warehouse will have mutual benefits for both companies and industries.
Watering has provided good to firm ground at all the tracks with the exception of Brighton, which is firm owing to problems with an irrigator.
In Tracy -- about 60 miles due east of San Francisco, in San Joaquin County -- the Press and another weekly, the Patterson Irrigator, have been in bankruptcy protection since June 2010.
The kit includes an irrigator with an offset, custom-molded nozzle and 60 packets of USP-grade sea salt (sodium chloride) and sodium bicar bonate for a buffered, pH-balanced saline solution.
Panasonic's new irrigator, model EW-DJ10-A, is more compact than its predecessors.
The advent of private water supply corporations, both nonprofit and for profit, generated litigation about the legal relationship between corporation and irrigator (something that was largely avoided with the public supply entities that came along later and operated under detailed statutes).
To help peanut farmers make planting, irrigation, and pest-control decisions, Lamb and his colleagues developed a computer program called Irrigator Pro.
The irrigator vessels, which hold up to a pint of water, act as funnels, ensuring that the water they hold slowly tickles through the base of the pot and down into the soil.
At a cost of just R750 ($117) the time saving automatic irrigator allows bigger areas to be cultivated, converting the area's smallholdings from subsistence farms to cash crops.
To irrigate more mature trees, use a deep root irrigator.