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n. pl. is·chi·a (-kē-ə)
The lowest of the three major bones that constitute each half of the pelvis.

[Latin, hip joint, from Greek iskhion.]

is′chi·al (-əl) adj.
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Anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS), ischial tuberosity (IT), and anterior inferior iliac spine (AIIS) avulsion fractures are more prevalent, (4) while lesser trochanter avulsion fractures are more rare.
Although less common than strain injuries at the myotendinous junction, complete rupture or avulsion of the proximal hamstring tendons from the ischial tuberosity is a serious injury that may cause chronic pain, loss of strength, and functional disability.
In clinical conditions for the evaluation of the support surfaces (seats for wheelchairs and mattresses), the surface pressures generated between the patient and supporting surface are measured, Crawford (2004), suggesting that clinical measurements of seats for wheelchairs, should last at least eight minutes; however, this measurements do not quantify the intensity of forces generated within the tissue, since according to the data found in a previous experimental model that simulates the loading of an ischial tuberosity on the soft tissue, proposed by Gefen & Levine (2007), the stresses just below the ischial tuberosity may exceed between 5 and 11 times those recorded at closer distances to the surface.
Clinical examination showed limb abduction with internal rotation of the knee, mild pain, crepitus, limited range of motion during left hip manipulation, and a lack of palpable symmetry on the left side between the ischial tuberosity and the greater trochanter.
5% ischial tuberosity and the remaining 5% in other sites20.
Septic ischial bursitis in patients with spinal cord injury.
Ischial pressure sores, because of cavities and trochanteric pressure sores and because of stretching, can lead to higher complication rates.
The analysis is prepared on typical foam sample with a thickness of 50 mm leading to a continuous pressure distribution with maximum peak values beneath ischial tuberosity
6) It usually develops posterior to the scrotum in the soft tissue of the perineum, as two masses on both sides of the median raphe, or as a single mass located midline, or lateralized over the ischial tuberosity.
Levator pain and trigger points may be identified during the pelvic exam by pressing laterally on the levator complex in each quadrant of the vagina and at the ischial spines.
The combined ilium, ischium and pubis (IL extending from the iliac crests to the inferior border of the ischial tuberosities, including the acetabula and pubes)
Lateral episiotomy cut starts 1-2 cm of the posterior fourchette in the direction of ischial tuberosity, whereas mediolateral episiotomy is directed from midline (posterior fourchette) or 3 mm of it at the angle of at least 60 degrees to ischial tuberosity.