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Noun1.island of Guernsey - a Channel Island to the northwest of Jersey
Channel Island - any of a group of British islands in the English Channel off the northern coast of France
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Blue Islands - Flybe's franchise partner - is planning to resume its flights from Cardiff Airport to the island of Guernsey for this summer season, according to a release by the Airport.
An excellent balance of the macabre and the mirthful, the novel takes place on the British island of Guernsey.
CALL NOW 0800 031 9159 Cruise highlights Calls at Amsterdam, Orkney capital Kirkwall and Irish capital Dublin Portree is gateway to the 'Misty Isle' of Skye Discover Duart Castle from Tobermory The stunning Isles of Scilly The beautiful island of Guernsey Discover Honfleur in Normandy Traditional British & International cuisine, stylish entertainment, guest lecturers & onboard leisure facilities 10 nights' full board accommodation on board Columbus *Book by 31 May 2017.
Well, consider that Hugo wrote his quintessentially French novel (which inspired the eponymous musical) while in exile on the Channel Island of Guernsey, or that its publication in Brussels meant that printers were at the whim of unreliable thrice-weekly boat service ferrying Hugo's dispatches, constantly worrying that pirated (figuratively if not literally) versions would be leaked to the public and spoil the novel's much-hyped release.
Amec Foster Wheeler announces today that it has been successful in supporting its client, Guernsey Waste, a States of Guernsey Trading Asset, in securing planning permission for a new 7,000 tonnes per annum household waste recycling centre and a 32,500 tonnes per annum waste transfer station on the island of Guernsey.
Britain would become a minor trading post with no more significance on the world stage than the island of Guernsey if it votes to leave the European Union in a referendum next week, France's economy minister was quoted as saying Saturday.
The Channel Island of Guernsey offers the best of both worlds - although British, it's like being home yet abroad at the same time.
Elizabeth grew up on the quiet island of Guernsey and cannot wait to start her new life in London.
Determined to crack down on off-shoring in recent years, Ankara has signed various financial information exchange agreements with other known as tax havens, including the UK's Channel Islands, Bermuda and the island of Guernsey, which has allowed Ankara to track and tax some of the revenue earned in Turkey but later moved outside.
That's why it was great to be invited to the Channel Island of Guernsey recently, and to be able to take Lara and her husband James along as well.
The island of Guernsey is partly dependent on heavy fuel oil for its power generation.