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Noun1.island of Guernsey - a Channel Island to the northwest of Jersey
Channel Island - any of a group of British islands in the English Channel off the northern coast of France
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company limited by shares incorporated in the Island of Guernsey under
In another instance, a woman in the UK revealed that she spotted a flying saucer-shaped object hovering over her home island of Guernsey on 23 March 2014.
MANCHESTER CITY boss Manuel Pellegrini is registering his "image rights" in the Channel Island of Guernsey.
Now I understand why our Fred Olsen cruise liner Balmoral stirred so much interest with an onshore expedition on the Channel Island of Guernsey entitled "The German Occupation - - with the chance to explore and photograph a German gun emplacement".
Born in Castel on the Island of Guernsey, Barry, now 64, came to live in West Yorkshire as a child and says he has been heavily influenced by the county's towns and buildings, its brooding skies and dark Satanic mills.
A short distance away, the neighbouring island of Guernsey was also forced to ground all flights, and that is likely to be the situation until at least 3pm today.
The awards ceremony took place at St Peter Port on the Channel Island of Guernsey.
Elizabeth grew up on the quiet island of Guernsey and cannot wait to start her new life in London.
Determined to crack down on off-shoring in recent years, Ankara has signed various financial information exchange agreements with other known as tax havens, including the UK's Channel Islands, Bermuda and the island of Guernsey, which has allowed Ankara to track and tax some of the revenue earned in Turkey but later moved outside.
That's why it was great to be invited to the Channel Island of Guernsey recently, and to be able to take Lara and her husband James along as well.
Set on the island of Guernsey just after World War II, the novel is the correspondence between Juliet and her friends and acquaintances as she researches wartime life on the island of Guernsey while it was occupied by the Germans.
Described as a crazy, scary yet heartwarming comedy about a young World War II evacuee from the island of Guernsey, it is not exactly clear where the mysterious Boggart comes in, but Louise is quick to explain.