island of Jersey

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Noun1.island of Jersey - the largest of the Channel Islands
Channel Island - any of a group of British islands in the English Channel off the northern coast of France
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The 28-kilometre 90kV HVAC cable, part of Channel Island Electricity Grid (CIEG), will connect both grids in order to improve the electricity supply to the island of Jersey.
We've teamed up with Caledonian Travel to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a nine-day holiday for two people to the picturesque island of Jersey.
UK Customs in the Channel Island of Jersey worked with French counterparts to make the arrest in Granville last weekend.
Plaid Cymru joined leading voices in the tourism sector to call for a swelling of the tourism marketing spend for Visit Wales which, it emerged, had an annual budget of just PS7m - compared to a PS47m pot for its Scottish counterpart and just PS1m more than the island of Jersey.
Leave your cares behind and experience our pristine beaches, picturesque countryside, rich history and a variety of attractions with one of our superb value breaks on the island of Jersey.
It will allow all the children the opportunity to attend the Festival of Football on the island of Jersey.
Summary: Shaikha Lubna bint Khalid Al Qasimi, Minister of Development and International Co-operation, received today, Senator Ian Gorst, Chief Minister of Island of Jersey, UK.
As reported by The Guardian and the BBC, Goodman was banned after being detained and questioned by UK authorities in September 2011 about her research into allegations of horrific crimes against children at the orphanage Haut de la Garenne on the island of Jersey, a leading offshore tax shelter controlled by the British Crown.
So incensed was the Geordie 19-year-old that he refused to fight his allotted opponent on the holiday island of Jersey and turned his back on amateur boxing.
A MASSIVE hoard of Celtic coins worth millions of pounds has been found on the island of Jersey.
Summary: The Channel Island of Jersey is a popular travel destination and an international financial centre.
Helier on the Channel Island of Jersey According to police, six people, including three children, were stabbed to death on the Channel Island of Jersey on Sunday.