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 (ī-sŏk′rə-nəl) or i·soch·ro·nous (-nəs)
1. Equal in duration.
2. Characterized by or occurring at equal intervals of time.

[From New Latin īsochronus, from Greek īsokhronos : īso-, iso- + khronos, time.]

i·soch′ro·nal·ly adv.
i·soch′ro·nism n.
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Adj.1.isochronous - equal in duration or interval; "the oscillations were isochronal"
equal - having the same quantity, value, or measure as another; "on equal terms"; "all men are equal before the law"


Happening or appearing at regular intervals:
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It offers a 1 nanosecond bit performance and 6 nanosecond performance for floating point arithmetic, enabling up to 128 drive axes with isochronous operation in the 250-microsecond isochronous operation range to be connected without additional modules.
The gen-set is equipped with Power-Manager digital controls, which provide access to constant monitoring capabilities, built-in protective alarms, and isochronous speed control for increased accuracy.
Among the topics are basic concepts and linearized problems of systems, an isochronous center in a complex domain, the theory of center-focus and bifurcation of limit cycles for a class of multiple singular points, local and non-local bifurcations of perturbed Zq-equivalent Hamiltonian vector fields, and center-focus problems and bifurcations of limit cycles for three-multiple nilpotent singular points.
According to the company, the 2,800-square-foot solution, which has a 45% smaller footprint than other compact systems in the marketplace, will include ProNova'ssuperconducting 360-degree gantry and SC isochronous cyclotron.
The isochronous, full-speed USB interface provides universal compatibility with major CE devices and appliances, making it easy to add state-of-the-art voice capture capability to existing hardware and OS platforms.
These units offer true plug and play operation with support for Windows[R], Mac OS[R], Linux[R], and support all USB devices types: Control, Interrupt, Bulk and Isochronous up to 480 Mbps.
The interface supports real-time and isochronous real-time data exchange.
Isochronous speed control--a system that maintains constant engine speed, regardless of load--further conserves fuel, as does the 349E's "economy" power mode when used during less-demanding applications.
The center z = 0 of system (1) is isochronous if the period of all integral curves in V \ {z = 0} is constant.
The engines have governing to ISO 85228-5 class G2 with isochronous capability.
The new switch allows users to design isochronous real-time Ethernet segments.
Implemented in digital CMOS process, the WSR601 supports HWA, DWA and Native device protocols, and features SDIO and USB interfaces, isochronous data transfer and cable and numeric association models.