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 (ī′sə-klī′nəl) or i·so·clin·ic (-klĭn′ĭk)
Having the same magnetic inclination or dip.

i′so·cli′nal·ly adv.


(ˌaɪsəʊˈklaɪnəl) or


1. (Physical Geography) sloping in the same direction and at the same angle
2. (Geological Science) geology (of folds) having limbs that are parallel to each other
(Geological Science) Also called: isocline or isoclinal line an imaginary line connecting points on the earth's surface having equal angles of dip
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Noun1.isoclinal - an isogram connecting points of equal magnetic inclination
isarithm, isogram, isopleth - a line drawn on a map connecting points having the same numerical value of some variable
Adj.1.isoclinal - having equal magnetic inclinations
equal - having the same quantity, value, or measure as another; "on equal terms"; "all men are equal before the law"
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The deposit is hosted in a metavolcanic sedimentary sequence of the Rio das Velhas Greenstone Belt and the mineralization is located between a folded zone of Banded Iron Formation (BIF) which forms a local isoclinal syncline dipping to SE.
If two slopes are isoclinal, what do they have in common?
All deposits were isoclinal, indicating marine transgression in the studied area (Permian).
Within the adjacent Proterozoic Newport Neck Formation, NW- to N-trending, tight to isoclinal, west-verging [F.
Small isoclinal folds with axial planar S, schistosity were formed during this episode.
These drill holes, combined with Stage I drilling and geophysical inversion modelling, suggested that a large body of magnetite gneiss occurs in the area, possibly as an overturned isoclinal fold, with a south southeast dipping axial plane.
Various forms of minor folds that are found associated with the rocks of the Imphal Valley are Coffer (Box) fold, Sharp (Angular) fold, Isoclinal fold, Harmonic and Disharmonic fold.