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 (ī′sə-lə-bəl) also i·so·lat·a·ble (-lā′tə-bəl)
Possible to isolate: isolable viruses.


(ˈaɪ sə lə bəl; sometimes ˈɪs ə-)

also i•so•lat•a•ble

(-ˌleɪ tə bəl)

capable of being isolated.
i`so•la•bil′i•ty, n.
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Adj.1.isolable - capable of being isolated or disjoined
separate - independent; not united or joint; "a problem consisting of two separate issues"; "they went their separate ways"; "formed a separate church"
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They can certainly give the impression of doing so, because they are painstakingly accurate descriptions of a hierarchy of interrelated phenomena isolatable and characterized by highly regular behavior that can be generalized in law like terms.
5] 50% tissue culture infectious doses/mL) and longest-lasting isolatable virus (7 days posteuthanasia) (Figure 2, panel A).
A recurring motif in McLuhan's work is the resonant interval--a notion he got from Werner Heisenberg, which seems to encapsulate the gist of the electric age an age of fields, vibes, and acoustic resonances, as opposed to the mechanical age--an age of visually isolatable entities and objects.
Acetic Anhydride, also known as ethanoic anhydride, is the simplest isolatable acid anhydride, produced from acetic acid.
If climate change and other similar issues, such as reductions in evolved biodiversity or perturbations in the nitrogen, hydrologic, and phosphorous cycles, are isolatable problems that can be addressed by the familiar methods of reductionism and environmental regulation, we are psychologically and institutionally prepared to respond appropriately.
Although twentieth-century interest in Newman's poetry waned, many Victorians with little sympathy for Tractarianism were in fact professedly won over by Newman's "poetry alone"--the "alone" part being a crucial component in their approval, at least as they understood it) (35) This early perception of the poem as a work made up of discrete, isolatable parts proved crucial to its acceptance--though it was by no means true that readers could perform a neat excision of the poem's theological content and achieve sanitized readings, as they believed.
Reading the literature on the theory of the criminal law would lead one to believe that "the criminal law" is an easily isolatable entity that is unique in its imposition of costs on citizens (punishments are costs).