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tr.v. i·so·lat·ed, i·so·lat·ing, i·so·lates
a. To cause to be alone or apart, as in being inaccessible or unable to move about: The police isolated the area until more help could arrive.
b. To place in quarantine.
c. To cause to become socially or politically unengaged or ostracized: an immigrant who was isolated by his poor language skills.
d. To render free of external influence; insulate: a system of government that isolated its citizens from foreign ideas.
2. To identify or distinguish as a separate entity or group: The study tried to isolate the effects of changing schools on student performance.
a. Chemistry To separate (a substance) in pure form from a combined mixture.
b. Microbiology To separate (a pure strain of a microorganism or virus) from a mixed culture.
4. Psychology To separate (experiences or memories) from the emotions relating to them.
5. Electricity
a. To set apart (a component, circuit, or system) from a source of electricity.
b. To insulate or shield.
adj. (-lĭt, -lāt′)
Separated from others: an isolate population.
n. (-lĭt, -lāt′)
1. A person, thing, or group that has been isolated, as by geographic, ecologic, or social barriers.
2. Microbiology A population of microorganisms or viruses that has been isolated.
3. Linguistics A language isolate.

[Back-formation from isolated.]

i′so·la′tor n.
Synonyms: isolate, insulate, seclude, segregate, sequester
These verbs mean to separate from others: a mountain that isolated the village from larger towns; insulated herself from the chaos surrounding her; a celebrity who was secluded from public scrutiny; segregated the infectious patients in a special ward; sequestering a jury during its deliberations.
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Recipients of a Minus K isolator will be chosen based on the proposed use and applicability of the isolators.
But active systems have a limited dynamic range that can be exceeded, potentially causing the isolator to go into positive feedback and generate noise.
has unveiled a low-voltage differential signal (LVDS) digital isolator series designed to improve performance, reliability and power consumption in industrial instrumentation and programmable logic controller (PLC) applications that previously required redesign of the interface to support LVDS signal isolation.
The starting point for the selection of such an isolator to form an optimal relationship between quantities such as [[omega].
For instance, isolator systems can save up to 65% of energy compared with RABS, while active RABS are up to 30% more energy-efficient than passive RABS.
20 mA standard signals, KNICK reports it provides the BL 540 isolator from its low-cost BasicLine series.
New products include the flexible modular small-scale filling isolator called the PSI-L, SARA[R] Material Airlocks for isolators with <20 minute cycle times, SKANFOG[R] SARA[R] Medium and Large Material Airlocks for cleanrooms with rapid cycles under 60 minutes and innovative Glove Testing systems like the Wireless GT.
An optical isolator is essential for protecting optical active devices from reflected light even in short-distance transmission systems.
If so, chances are that a non-contact bearing isolator is available for your situation.
Thus, the insulation material and construction of the digital isolator must withstand the highest ESD transients without insulation degradation.
The two very common passive vibration control approaches are vibration isolation, insertion of a vibration isolator between the source and the receiver of vibration, and vibration absorption, attachment of a vibration absorber (a secondary system) to the primary system.