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v. i·som·er·ized, i·som·er·iz·ing, i·som·er·iz·es
To cause to change into an isomeric form.
To become changed into an isomeric form.

i·som′er·i·za′tion (-ər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Noun1.isomerization - the conversion of a compound into an isomer of itself
changeover, conversion, transition - an event that results in a transformation
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Maleic acid (cis-2-butene-l,4-dioic acid) is known to undergo isomerization on treatment with Conc.
They have divided the two-volume text into sections dealing with synthesis of allenes, covering isomerization reactions, metal-mediated synthesis, transition metal-catalyzed synthesis, and enantoselective synthesis; special classes of allenes, including allenic hydrocarbons, cyclic allenes up to seven-membered rings, acceptor- and donor-substituted allenes, and allenylmetal compounds; reactions of allenes, dealing with ionic additions, free radical addition, cycloadditions, cyclization, transition metal-catalyzed cross-couplings and cycloisomerizations, and oxidation; and, finally, applications such as allenic natural products and pharmaceuticals, allenes in natural product synthesis, and enyne-allenes.
THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- CB&I (NYSE:CBI) announced today that Lummus Technology, a CB&I Company, has signed an agreement with BP for the exclusive right to license and market BP's paraxylene recovery and isomerization technology and catalyst.
The upgrade will add new processing units (jet and diesel hydrotreaters and isomerization unit) and will lead to production of several Euro V grade products such as high-octane gasoline, low sulfur jet fuel and ultra-low sulfur diesel.
In addition, the process uses UOP's portfolio of proven, high-activity isomerization and benzene saturation catalysts to remove benzene.
There was no damage to any of the new facilities relating to Inergy's isomerization plant and storage facilities.
In addition, the process uses UOP s portfolio of proven, high-activity isomerization and benzene saturation catalysts to remove benzene.
Nasdaq: ARSD) today provided an update on activities at the Al Masane Al Kobra (AMAK) mine in Saudi Arabia, of which it is a 41% equity owner, as well as progress on the completion of its Isomerization unit that is being built at its South Hampton Resources facility.
Researchers found that the isomerization of carotenoids is a post-absorption process, and that carotenoids are not stored temporarily in the mucosal enterocyte.
The proprietary olefin isomerization catalysts improve efficiency and safety in a number of chemical synthesis pathways including the production of rubber and polymers.
New facilities to be set up consist of penex isomerization unit, sulfur recovery unit, sour water stripping, amine regeneration unit and diesel hydrotreater and dewaxing.
Nasdaq: ARSD) today announced the expansion of its South Hampton Resources facility with a new isomerization unit that will provide more flexibility in converting C5 Normal Pentane into Isopentane.