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1. Biology Having a similar structure or appearance but being of different ancestry.
2. Related by an isomorphism.


(ˌaɪsəʊˈmɔːfɪk) or


(Biochemistry) exhibiting isomorphism


(ˌaɪ səˈmɔr fɪk)

1. Biol. having the same form or appearance.
3. Math. pertaining to two sets related by an isomorphism.
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Adj.1.isomorphic - having similar appearance but genetically different
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms


[ˌaɪsəʊˈmɔːfɪk] ADJisomorfo


adj (form)isomorph


[ˌaɪsəʊˈmɔːfɪk] isomorphous [ˌaɪsəʊˈmɔːfəs] adjisomorfo/a
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If S and T are strongly Morita equivalent posemigroups with local units, then each generalized local subpomonoid S is isomorphic to a generalized local subpomonoid of T.
One of the earliest works in the show, "Empire" ("Papa") Ray Gun, 1959, materialized as the ursvmbol inserted into the real: a lumpen, bulbous (if not testicular), Isomorphic weapon, complete with trigger.
A graph is called claw-free if it has no induced subgraph isomorphic to [K.
n] = (G', [sigma]') are said to be cycle isomorphic, if there exists an isomorphism [phi] : G [right arrow] G' such that the n-tuple [sigma](C) of every cycle C in [S.
Games on configurations have been reported in Word Ways before (See (1) and (2)) and this game turns out to be isomorphic to the Pappus configuration with the following misgraph.
Cayley theorem for Groups (part II): If G is a group, there is a set X such that G is isomorphic to a transformation group on X.
Therefore, the focus and primary concerns of decision makers shift at various stages of the process and as a result, different isomorphic pressures are attended to during the various stages of investment.
Furthermore, output of the methods is all subgraphs isomorphic to the graphs in answer set of a query graph, which is unnecessary and time consuming for the subgraph set query.
Florets isomorphic, bisexual, corolla ligulate, limb deeply five-lobed, with one deeper split and unilateral lobes; anther apical appendages apiculate, tails papillose; style bilobed, branches dorsally papillose.
The model is an isomorphic or homomorphism picturing objects into the choice aim quantity that transfers a competent picturing and properties of the object (Obona, 1990).
E-Prime recasts these sentences into a form isomorphic to modern science by first abolishing the "is" of Aristotelian essence and then reformulating each observation in terms of signals received and interpreted by a body (or instrument) moving in space-time.
Mimetic isomorphic mechanisms include the tendency for companies to model other organizations when faced with an environment of ambiguity and uncertainty.