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An object, organism, or substance exhibiting isomorphism.


(Biochemistry) a substance or organism that exhibits isomorphism


(ˈaɪ səˌmɔrf)

1. an organism that is isomorphic with another.
2. an isomorphous substance.
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In my Designer Isomorphs (WW May 2001), the various different Isomorph genres included a few Isomorph pairings.
One should bear in mind, however, that the Estonian dialect division, which was established in its modern form by Andrus Saareste (1932), takes into account mostly the spread of phonetic and grammatical phenomena or isophones and isomorphs.
Both the tasks in Figures 1 and 5 are known as problem isomorphs.
Complement C1r and C1s genes are duplicated in the mouse: differential expression generates alternative isomorphs in the liver and in the male reproductive system.
Langasite and its isomorphs, such as langatate and langanite, have attracted significant attention in recent years as materials for improved electronic oscillators and filters.
Feedback, however, focu ses the solver on the surface structure of problems and, thus, makes it difficult for solvers to see connections between isomorphs.
A good example of a pair of isomorphs are the words SWEETHEART and BLOODHOUND.