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Noun1.isomorphy - (biology) similarity or identity of form or shape or structure
similarity - the quality of being similar
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
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1995) suggested that the lower developmental thresholds of all developmental stages of an insect species should be constant, which was referred to as the rate isomorphy hypothesis by Jaroslk et al.
The exploration includes: Smarandache; isotopy and isomorphy classes, Smarandache f, g principal isotopes and G-Smarandache loops.
Because of the isomorphy between complex and real q-matrices, corresponding results for real q-matrices can be directly copied from the case of complex q-matrices and are deleted here.
The pith of my argument is that there is isomorphy of structure between the cognitive processes we know (from the inside) as "consciousness" and the spatio-temporal structures of distributed objects in the artefactual realm' (p.
There is an isomorphy (term found by Ashby, 1956) between the simulation model of a feedback system (that goes on doing something until e=0), the (classical) model for charging a capacitor, and a (conceptual) model of knowledge accumulation, that is, learning.
The requirement of isomorphy applies, in fact, to any task of quantification of observable phenomena.