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(ˈaɪsəʊˌpæk) or


(Geological Science) geology a line on a map connecting points below which a particular rock stratum has the same thickness
[C20: from iso- + Greek pakhus thick, pakhutēs thickness]


(ˈaɪ səˌpæk)

a line drawn on a map connecting all points of equal thickness of a particular geologic formation.
[1915–20; iso- + -pach < Greek páchos thickness]
i`so•pach′ous, adj.
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The present research study focuses on the structural modeling, stratigraphic well correlation isopach mapping, porosity variations and reservoir evaluation of cretaceous sands of Khipro area.
An isopach map of the Duperow Formation reveals that this unit thickens to the north with an overall change of 100 to 200 ft.
Isopach maps of key reservoir intervals of interest, including the Marcellus and Utica (Point Pleasant) shale formations;
The ages of key bio- and lithostratigraphic levels were interpolated from radiocarbon-dated intervals, and isopach maps were constructed between the dated horizons.
Whether they are trying to track down isopach maps and seismic stratigraphy data that details the Upper Pliocene and Quaternary deposits in the South Caspian Basin or are simply trying to find content related to a known geological basin, they need sophisticated data at their fingertips.
where r is distance of the isopach from the crack, a is dimension of the crack, [theta] is angle of the isopach depending on r, a is total stress (loading), [[sigma].
Subsequently, cores were descfibed and stratigraphic sections, seismic sections and net sand isopach maps were developed in order to comply with the above objective.
29) An isopach is a continuous line connecting points of equal
New and earlier studied sections (Kiipli & Kallaste 2002; Kallaste & Kiipli 2006) are used to trace the diachroneity of the boundary between the Rumba and Velise formations and to construct isopach maps to illustrate the distribution of ash beds.
Model output can include geological cross sections and isopach maps, as well as grade and tonnage estimates.
Out of the No Robbery mare Klepto, Estrapade was a half-sister to top-class Italian performer Isopach and multiple Grade 1 winner and 1990 Horse of the Year Criminal Type.
Isopach, structure contour, and resource maps of the Mahogany oil-shale zone, Green River Formation, Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado.