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(ˈaɪsəʊˌpæk) or


(Geological Science) geology a line on a map connecting points below which a particular rock stratum has the same thickness
[C20: from iso- + Greek pakhus thick, pakhutēs thickness]


(ˈaɪ səˌpæk)

a line drawn on a map connecting all points of equal thickness of a particular geologic formation.
[1915–20; iso- + -pach < Greek páchos thickness]
i`so•pach′ous, adj.
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Isopach maps, which are supported by historic core drill data on the lands, indicate that the seam thickness increases by as much as 15 inches on the Westchester Expansion such that seam heights greater than 47 inches are to be expected as mining progresses to the southwest compared to seam heights of approximately 32 inches on Cobalt's existing Westchester Mine lease.
Currently, the seismic data is being interpreted which will result in structure and isopach maps at various geologic horizons.
In conducting their review, the consultants relied upon the accuracy and completeness of data furnished by the company, including leaseholds, interests owned, production and well-test data from examined wells, geological structure and isopach maps, well logs, core analyses, pressure measurements and other supporting information.
water, oil and gas) and permeability, in combination with estimated reservoir parameters (including reservoir temperature and pressure, formation depth and formation volume factors), geological analysis (including structure and isopach maps) and seismic analysis (including review of 2-D and 3-D data to ascertain faults, closure, etc.
The isopach thin establishes the up dip limit of the trap, which in part is controlled by a plunging nose that strikes to the southeast.
The available data reviewed included, but were not limited to, seismic data, structure and isopach maps, well logs, production tests, material balance calculations, reservoir simulation models, reservoir pressures, individual well and field performance data, individual well and field projections, offset performance data, operating expenses, capital costs, and product prices.
This will further our ability to mutually map isochrone and thickness isopach, giving way to the imaging of potential hydro carbon traps on a 3 dimensional level in order to achieve a well target that allows for the highest up dip position.
Pemberton's time section will enable us to interpret and correctly follow formations laterally and vertically in time and to map them in structural isochrone maps and thickness isopach maps to image these potential hydro carbon traps 3 dimensionally, which will put a well on target to the highest up dip position.
These studies include: evaluation of historic E-Scan data over part of this area in conjunction with the Hollister E-Scan studies; completion of a new soil and lithogeochemical survey over the large scale chalcedonic replacement bodies connecting the two areas to identify leakage targets; and completion of comprehensive structural contouring and isopach studies of this poorly understood portion of the hydrothermal system.
Desorption data and isopach mapping suggest that the Company's coalbed acreage could contain up to 400 billion cubic feet of natural gas in place.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 28, 1996-- Tracer Petroleum Corporation announced today that based on the new structural and isopach mapping, Tracer has selected a location for the Muya No.
Analysis of the structure and isopach maps for the Wolfcamp Sand in the prospect area show the potential for developing 28 locations on 320-acre spacing, each location having recoverable reserves of 340,000 barrels of oil or 9,250,000 barrels of oil, plus associated gas.