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(ˈaɪsəʊˌpæk) or


(Geological Science) geology a line on a map connecting points below which a particular rock stratum has the same thickness
[C20: from iso- + Greek pakhus thick, pakhutēs thickness]


(ˈaɪ səˌpæk)

a line drawn on a map connecting all points of equal thickness of a particular geologic formation.
[1915–20; iso- + -pach < Greek páchos thickness]
i`so•pach′ous, adj.
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Do plan maps show the limits of mineralization and alteration and/or isopachs of mineralization?
Model output can include geological cross sections and isopach maps, as well as grade and tonnage estimates.
Regional isopachs indicate that there should be 1,100 feet of Nugget sandstone at the Table Top Unit #1 well.
The quantity of the oil shale seam could be calculated by extracting seam thickness and corresponding areas from the created isopachs using SQL query.
Our oversized map shows geology, infrastructure and drilling activity details, such as isopachs, gas pipelines, public lands, county and play-area boundaries.
From the compiled data, they constructed variograms taking into account grades and thicknesses, 1:2500 isopachs for wacke thicknesses and top of wacke to basement distances, a 1:10,000 structural map of the basement unconformity, cross sections for the projects division group, and statistical analyses.
The area of the different isopachs was estimated using a planimeter and the average thickness was measured from the pits included in the isopach.